Bitcoin: New Weapon in the Fight Against Cocaine and Climate Change By – On Thursday, June 23, bitcoin remains in its familiar range above the psychologically important $20,000 mark. With a price of 20,484 dollars, the gain in the last 24 hours is 1.23%. In China, the government takes its negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies to an extreme. State media is spreading the news that bitcoin is … Read more

3 US stocks to watch closely this week: FedEx, Coinbase, Pfizer |

3 US stocks to watch closely this week FedEx Coinbase

The bearish sentiment that is fueling the current pullback in US equity markets could intensify in the coming week as investors continue to price recession risk into their assessments. The recorded its 10th week of declines in the last 11, with no bottom in sight. On Thursday, all 11 sectors of the SPX closed more … Read more

The Buzz Around Ethreum 2.0 Could Take Volatility To The Next Level |

The Buzz Around Ethreum 20 Could Take Volatility To The

Ethereum has been down since Nov. The second most important cryptocurrency hits a low Excitement around Ethereum 2.0 caused buys and abandons Ethereum remains a bullish beast for early buyers. Technical levels to watch: Sentiment is the only critical factor remains the second most important cryptocurrency among the more than 19,850 cryptocurrencies currently available. At … Read more

Fed Rate Hike, ECB Emergency Meeting, Bitcoin at $20k – What’s Moving Markets This Wednesday By

Fed Rate Hike ECB Emergency Meeting Bitcoin at 20k

© Reuters By Geoffrey Smith — The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates by 75 basis points in the biggest rate hike in nearly 30 years. The European Central Bank is calling an emergency meeting to try to stem the explosion in euro zone bond spreads. U.S. retail sales for May … Read more

Here is a less risky way to bet on cryptocurrencies, via the Stock Exchange |

Here is a less risky way to bet on cryptocurrencies

This article was written exclusively for Cryptocurrencies in a bad patch since November 2021 Buying on bad corrections turns out to be the optimal approach Many investors are not comfortable with cryptocurrency wallets. BITQ is a stew of cryptos BITQ should follow Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices. Turning a five cent investment into over $31,500 … Read more

WisdomTree: Why Governments Won’t Ban Digital Assets By

WisdomTree Why Governments Wont Ban Digital Assets By Investingcom – In 2022, public policy relating to digital assets saw a series of major changes in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU). Far from being banned, digital assets are being integrated into regulatory and legislative frameworks in different parts of the world. Now that the scale of digital assets … Read more

Buy Opportunity on Coinbase Stock After 80% Plunge? |

Buy Opportunity on Coinbase Stock After 80 Plunge Investingcom

Coinbase is in a strong position to weather a bear market thanks to its strong balance sheet. The exchange is trying to diversify its business and reduce its reliance on trading revenue. The majority of analysts view COIN as a buy. If you want to improve your search for new investment ideas, check out InvestingPro+. … Read more

Cryptocurrency Hybernation Could End Against These 3 Factors |

Cryptocurrency Hybernation Could End Against These 3 Factors Investingcom

This article was written exclusively for An annoying back and forth of prices Purchases feed on themselves A major market event Government intervention A major hack After correcting their all-time highs on November 10, 2021, and hitting their lowest on January 24, 2022. Since then, the two major cryptos have settled into a trading … Read more

Ethereum: World’s First On-Chain Bridge to Solana Could Change Everything By – is undoubtedly one of the most innovative blockchains in the world. No other proof-of-stake or proof-of-work network is capable of processing 65,000 transactions per second, even remotely. At the same time, there are no significant costs per transaction. Considering this, the still very young blockchain has been gladly called the “Ethereum killer”. It … Read more

Are Bitcoin and Ethreum permanently stuck in neutral? |

Are Bitcoin and Ethreum permanently stuck in neutral Investingcom

This article was written exclusively for Bitcoin and the $40,000 pivot point. Ethereum is near the $2,900 level. Closer to January 2022 lows than November 2021 highs. Three bullish factors and three bearish factors Tightly wound springs One of the issues facing the cryptocurrency asset class is that of expectations. After surging from five … Read more