NFT – Is Aptos a Solana killer? – CryptoNews

NFT Is Aptos a Solana killer CryptoNews

The cryptocurrency market looks like a game of musical chairs. With funds and “users” who move according to opportunities, from one network to another. This is to take advantage of returns and other airdrops offered when opening new digital territories. An activity that sometimes boils down to a simple passing hype. But in other cases, … Read more

Solana network: new outage, danger for the “Ethereum Killer”?

Solana network new outage danger for the Ethereum Killer

Updated on Oct. 03, 2022 at 9:04 a.m. The Solana network suffers from a new outage that occurred this weekend. Why does this high-performance blockchain suffer so many breakdowns? Isn’t that a sign of greater weakness? 9th outage of the year for the Solana network Occurred in the night from Friday to Saturday, the Solana … Read more

Everywhere – the “GTA killer” shoots himself in the foot in NFT?

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

We have been following the development ofEverywherethe first ambitious game from the Build a Rocket Boy studio, founded by Leslie Benziesex-president of Rockstar North and producer of GTA games from episode 3 to episode 5. A long-standing relationship with the open world juggernaut, which unfortunately ended in court, as we tell you. mentioned in this … Read more