NFT: eBay becomes the owner of the KnownOrigin marketplace

NFT eBay becomes the owner of the KnownOrigin marketplace

News hardware NFT: eBay becomes the owner of the KnownOrigin marketplace Published on 06/29/2022 at 18:20 The famous online commerce site, eBay, continues its adoption of Web3… After a first collection of NFTs, the company decided to extend its activity around the blockchain by acquiring KnownOrigin, a platform for buying and reselling NFT. eBay in … Read more

NFT: eBay buys the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin

NFT eBay buys the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin scaled

eBay today announced the acquisition of KnownOrigin. A marketplace Manchester-based NFT. Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed at this time. Nonetheless, eBay says the companies signed and closed the deal on June 22, 2022. KnownOrigin was founded in 2018 by Andy Gray, David Moore, and James Morgan. The three co-founders are now … Read more

Revival at eBay! – The auction giant buys the NFT platform KnownOrigin

The NFT adventure continues! – Since May 2021, the auction platform eBay gave in to the sirens of non-fungible tokens (NFT). A new step has therefore been taken. Indeed, the e-commerce company announces the redemption of the NFT exchange platform, KnownOrigin. E-commerce and NFT, the bet of the online auction giant Initially, the platform eBay … Read more

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Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with mobile at the center of Art in Gaming. S1522 Lego x Epic Games, Metavers for kids! Lego and Epic games are collaborating to create a kid-friendly metaverse. Their statement says the … Read more