First Mover Asia: KuCoin Plans To Boost DeFi Activity On Its Blockchain After $150M Rise; Gain of cryptos | Cryptocurrency

First Mover Asia KuCoin Plans To Boost DeFi Activity On

The crypto exchange will add technical features to support developers and build on KuCoin’s public blockchain; bitcoin outperforms ether. Hello. Here is what happens: Price: Bitcoin Recovers Somewhat; most other cryptos are in the green. Insights: KuCoin will use part of its $150 million fundraising to increase DeFi activity on its blockchain. Technician Opinion: BTC … Read more

KuCoin Expands P2P Functionality to Improve Investor Protection TechRadar

KuCoin Expands P2P Functionality to Improve Investor Protection TechRadar

P2P crypto trading allows users to buy and sell cryptos without relying on intermediaries. Platforms like KuCoin provide P2P crypto trading services. P2P exchanges usually involve lower fees than regular crypto exchanges. Most of us may have been introduced to crypto and the decentralized internet recently, but the concept actually started a long time ago. … Read more

Crypto Exchange KuCoin Raises Funding To $10 Billion – TechCrunch

KuCoin’s valuation jumped to $10 billion in its first funding round in four years as the global cryptocurrency exchange seeks to deepen its Web3 ecosystem, it said on Tuesday. The Seychelles-based company said it raised $150 million in a pre-Series B funding round led by Jump Crypto. Circle Ventures, IDG Capital and Matrix Partners also … Read more

KuCoin Announces Sale of Aurigami (PLY) Tokens on KuCoin Spotlight, Preferred Token Launch Platform

VICTORIA, Seychelles–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KuCoin, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, announced its 21st Spotlight Token Sale featuring Aurigami (PLY) on April 29, 2022 (UTC). It allows qualified participants to acquire Aurigami (PLY) at the issue price of $0.005 by holding at least 100 KuCoin Token (KCS), the native token of KuCoin Exchange. Aurigami (PLY) … Read more

Bitgert’s Price Will Explode, Listed On KuCoin

Bitgerts Price Will Explode Listed On KuCoin

by Analytics Insight April 29, 2022 Bitgert’s price should continue to rise, but why? Let’s find out Bitgert (BRISE) has taken a huge step forward after listing on KuCoin, the largest cryptocurrency exchange. KuCoin is also one of the best Tier 1 crypto exchanges out there, and this listing on such a platform is definitely … Read more

KuCoin – Toujours Le Meilleur échange Altcoin En 2022 ? [Review] – Tech Tribune France

KuCoin Toujours Le Meilleur echange Altcoin En 2022

En tant que cinquième plus grand échange de crypto-monnaie au monde (en volume de transactions), KuCoin n’a pas vraiment besoin d’être présenté. Il existe depuis plus de quatre ans maintenant, desservant plus de 10 millions d’utilisateurs dans plus de 200 pays à travers le monde. Le poids de ces mesures est suffisant pour accorder à … Read more

KuCoin Releases KCS Cryptocurrency White Paper

1648617837 KuCoin Releases KCS Cryptocurrency White Paper

KuCoin Releases KCS Cryptocurrency White Paper The KCC Community and KuCoin jointly released the KCS Cryptocurrency White Paper today, March 29, 2022. KuCoin’s KCS Cryptocurrency White Paper provides detailed explanations and bold outlooks for the future development, governance, token redistribution, value capture and deflationary mechanism, and self-circulating KCS ecosystem. The document semphasizes the importance of … Read more

Aurox Lists Its URUS Token On KuCoin, One Of The Top Five Crypto Exchanges

Kucoin is a top 5 exchanges by volume with more than $5 billion in daily trading volume and exposure to over 10 million users and investors The listing matches the characteristics of the URUS token and allows sophisticated crypto investors to access the unlimited opportunities of the decentralized dynamic market (DeFi) URUS’ the largest and … Read more

The history of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange

The history of the KuCoin cryptocurrency

From lines of code on a laptop to an international cryptocurrency exchange » The story behind KuCoin! In 2013, two tech enthusiasts decided to try to create a cryptocurrency exchange that provided a better trading experience for the crypto community. Here is what happened. Behind the creation of KuCoin are two tech geeks who were … Read more