Yuga Labs Files Lawsuit Against Artist Ryder Ripps for NFT Trademark Infringement – BeinCrypto

Yuga Labs, creator of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, has filed a lawsuit against artist Ryder Ripps for alleged trademark infringement. L’lawsuitfiled in the Central California District Court, claims that Mr. Ripps’ “deliberate move” to devalue genuine Bored Ape NFTs by “scamming consumers into buying his own copycat NFTs…is … Read more

Solana Labs Launches Mobile Platform, Unveils Android Smartphone

In short Solana Labs announced an Android-based software kit for developing Web3 mobile apps. The firm will also launch its own smartphone called Saga, which will be released in 2023. Solana Labs’ next big bet for Web3? Mobile applications and a matching smartphone. Today in New York, Solana Labs, which represents the founders and major … Read more

Christie’s NFT Manager Noah Davis Joins Yuga Labs as Manager of Popular NFT Collection, CryptoPunks | Cryptopunks | Cryptocurrency

Christie’s head of NFT announced on Sunday that he is joining industry heavyweight Yuga Labs as head of the recently acquired CryptoPunks collection. I’m humbled and honored to announce I’ll be leaving my current post in July to steward the CryptoPunks as Brand Lead under the umbrella of @yugalabs before I say anything else it’s … Read more

TRM Labs acquiert la socit britannique de formation en investigations cryptographiques CSITech

Xago une Crypto Fintech innovante basee en Afrique du Sud

Class dans : Crypto-monnaiesSujet : Merger/Acquisition TRM Labs, la socit de veille de la chane de blocs, annonce l’acquisition de CSITech, un leader mondial de la formation investigatrice en cryptographie et chane de blocs. CSITech ajoute pratiquement deux dcennies d’exprience en formation investigatrice la gamme d’outils et services de conformit de TRM destins aux socits … Read more

NFT: The creation of the Bored Apes stops here, according to Yuga Labs

NFT The creation of the Bored Apes stops here according

NFTs are digital assets with great potential that have appealed to many investors since their inception. Among the many collections launched on the markets, some stand out and hold their own, in particular Bored Ape. To stay number one, you have to create the lack and Yuga Labs understood this. There will no longer be … Read more

NFT: towards the end of Yuga Labs on Ethereum? Avalanche has ApeCoin in its sights

NFT towards the end of Yuga Labs on Ethereum Avalanche

Soon an ApeCoins Avalanche? – Launched in February 2021, Yuga Labs has become the most influential company in the ecosystem NFT. Indeed, it is the origin of 3 sets the most traded, namely Bored Apes, Mutant Apes and Otherdeeds virtual lands. Originally launched on Ethereum, all these collections and the ApeCoin could well set sail … Read more

Global Blockchain Devices Market: Technological Advancement, Business Development, and Key Vendor Landscape to 2031 | Ledger SAS, HTC Corporation, Pundi X Labs Private Limited – Gabonflash

“Global Blockchain Devices Market 2022”: Global Market Size, Growth, Share, CAGR, Revenue, Current & Upcoming Trends, Key Players, Cost of Newly Launched Products & Services Market, Segmentation Study & Forecast growth 2022-2031. The report of Blockchain Devices market is an authentic source of access to research information that is believed to dramatically grow your business. … Read more

Metaverse and NFT: Controversies erupt during a Yuga Labs operation

Metaverse and NFT Controversies erupt during a Yuga Labs operation

The past week has seen the largest NFT sell-off ever. 55,000 plots of the Yuga Labs ode metaverse have been marketed for over $300 million. However, this has given rise to controversy. A sale that caused controversy In exchange for a sum of approximately $6,000, a buyer acquired an NFT otherdeed, which authenticated its ownership … Read more

Lighthouse Labs | A Montreal search engine for the metaverse

Video Games Embracer acquires the two Montreal studios of

If you find that the metaverse announced by Facebook is a futuristic concept, it is not yet futuristic enough for the Montreal founders of Lighthouse Labs. Their ambition is to set up a search engine for even more mysterious versions of the metaverse, which will be based on the blockchain in the manner of cryptocurrencies. … Read more