NFT projects fragile due to lack of audit – This specialist takes stock

NFT projects fragile due to lack of audit This

A nameless imprudence – According to this entrepreneur in the web3, several NFT projects would be too rushed to conquer markets. They would neglect thus the phase of test. She is however crucial in terms of safety… to avoid suffering costly losses. NFT and security audit: beware of blocked ethers What if another 3.0 version … Read more

Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Industry Blames Lack of Political Support Responsible for Crypto Business Exodus

Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Industry Blames Lack of Political Support Responsible

Hong Kong is known as a hub of digital assets given the installation of several projects in the city. However, since the arrival of Covid-19, restrictions have been put in place limiting the activity of companies in the sector. Two years after the start of the pandemic, these restrictions are still applied, pushing players to … Read more

Many NFT Projects Lack Adequate Smart Contract Testing, Says Anonymous Founder | Cryptocurrency

Many NFT Projects Lack Adequate Smart Contract Testing Says Anonymous

Last year, Akutars NFT collection sold 15,000 tokens, but a big big one saw $33 million worth of Ether (ETH) generated from sales locked in an unreachable smart contract. Jimmy McNelis, the founder of unnamed tech company Web3, says there are too many NFT projects rushing to market without proper smart contract testing, which could … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): Lack of crypto knowledge, a hindrance to investment?

Bitcoin BTC Lack of crypto knowledge a hindrance to investment

Block, Inc. and Wakefield Research conducted a survey of 9,500 people across 14 countries to study awareness and perception of bitcoin. At the end of the study, they identified this: the lack of knowledge about BTC causes people not to buy. Lack of knowledge about bitcoin and other major impediments If people don’t buy bitcoin, … Read more

Pakistan’s Crypto Trade Plagued by Lack of Awareness and Capacity Issues

ISLAMABAD: The biggest challenges when it comes to cryptocurrency in Pakistan are the lack of knowledge and the need for initial capacity building for regulators, stakeholders said in a meeting with the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday. . There is a potential of around $90 million if a capital gains tax is imposed on crypto … Read more

Lack of transparency among project auditors is a big problem: Hacken CEO | Cryptocurrency

Dyma Budorin believes the cryptocurrency industry would be much safer if smart contract auditors took responsibility for the code they audit. Dyma Budorin, CEO of smart contract audit firm Hacken, thinks Web3 cybersecurity vendors are failing in the cryptocurrency industry and that “huge blind spots” in market practices are impacting behavior. investors. Budorin believes that … Read more