Virtual land prices are collapsing in the metaverse – Geeko

Virtual land prices are collapsing in the metaverse Geeko

Last May, the virtual real estate market was booming. Between December 2019 and January 2022, prices had multiplied by 300. But for the past few months, things have been plummeting and metaverses are experiencing a real real estate crisis. In metaverse, average virtual land prices have fallen by more than 80%. And this, while the … Read more

Nifty News: Sandbox LAND on Polygon, ETH Earns Tax Loss and More… | Cryptocurrency

An NFT trader has passed a supposed tax depreciation “masterclass” by booking a profit of 74.2 ETH for a loss of $52,000, and print-on-demand company has rolled out NFT merch support. A popular Ethereum-based Metaverse gaming platform, The Sandbox has unveiled a bridge that allows users to transfer their virtual LAND and native SAND … Read more

Digital art and NFTs want to land the moon at Art Basel

Published on : 06/17/2022 – 12:34Modified : 06/17/2022 – 12:32 Basel (Switzerland) (AFP) – Digital art and NFTs are making inroads at Art Basel, the great contemporary art fair, with art market stars such as the American Jeff Koons launching themselves into this booming segment. The Pace gallery unveiled the first piece of a series … Read more

Mainnet Ternoa, promised land of NFT technology

Mainnet Ternoa promised land of NFT technology

Ternoa is a French project that has a lot of ideas. While the entire ecosystem falters, its blockchain technology that redefines non-fungible tokens continues to evolve. A smooth journey that delivers month after month the NFT and network innovations that make this unique project unique. With the arrival of a fully functional and above all … Read more

The Exploratorium: the organs of Usson in the land of volcanoes

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Geology of volcanic systems – an invitation to travel Interviews dating from 2009 with Georges Boudon, physicist at the IPGP, and members of the team studying the functioning of volcanoes, from the generation of magmas to eruptions. The vocation of IPGP films is to open the doors of … Read more

Mono, the NFTs land in the historic heart of the Medina of Tunis

Mono the NFTs land in the historic heart of the

Kenza Zouari and Shiran Ben Abderrazak are opening a digital portal, Mono, which will make a new ultra-contemporary trend in digital art accessible to the general public at 26, rue du Pacha, in the heart of the golden triangle of the Medina of Tunis. This micro-gallery of contemporary art in the Medina of Tunis has … Read more

OKX Partners With Metaverse Everdome Ahead Of Its Land Auction

OKX Partners With Metaverse Everdome Ahead Of Its Land Auction

OKX enters the metaverse with Everdome. SEYCHELLES, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — World’s Leading Cryptocurrency App OKX announced today that it has acquired substantial land ownership in Everdome, the hyperrealistic metaverse, marking its first foray into the metaverse. As one of Everdome’s premier partners, OKX joins a global partnership that is at the forefront of … Read more

Vitalik Buterin’s CityDAO issues an NFT drop from his physical land Parcel 0 – BeinCrypto

Vitalik Buterins CityDAO issues an NFT drop from his physical

Ever since CityDAO’s DAO rose to prominence within the crypto community following Vitalik Buterin’s endorsement, the organization has continued to move forward regardless of the current turmoil in the market. On October 29, 2021, CityDAO purchased a physical plot of land undeveloped 40-acre property adjacent to the Shoshone National Forest in northwest Wyoming. These lands … Read more

Falling virtual land market: is it a good time to buy? – BeinCrypto France

Falling virtual land market is it a good time to

Metaverse virtual land prices have continued to drop for several weeks. But is it really the right time to buy? On Otherside, the most popular metaverse project right now, virtual land prices have plummeted by 15%. Likewise, land prices for some of the biggest metaverse projects are seeing a drop. These include projects such as … Read more