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By Neelam Rani and Jatinder Handoo Childhood bedtime stories sometimes teach lifelong relevant lessons to be remembered regardless of age. Most would remember Aesop’s classic Fables “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Remember how the quick and clever hare in all its zeal and exuberance lost out to the slow but steady tortoise. The moral of … Read more

Sectigo’s 2022 Identity-First Security Summit Attracts 900 Global IT and Business Leaders

Sectigos 2022 Identity First Security Summit Attracts 900 Global IT and

ROSELAND, N.J., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sectigo®, a global leader in digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM), today announced that it hosted its first annual Identity-First Security Summit last week, attracting 900 leaders from the IT and business around the world. This three-day virtual event brought together industry experts, analysts, cybersecurity … Read more

Une nouvelle gnration de leaders financiers tourne vers l’avenir : Sage rvle que les PME adoptent le mtavers et la cryptomonnaie | Zone bourse

1649857796 Une nouvelle generation de leaders financiers tournee vers lavenir

Un peu plus de la moitié (52%) d’entre elles croient que les devises décentralisées s’avéreront « extrêmement » viables comme solution de paiement à long terme. Un tiers (33%) d’entre elles envisagent d’accepter les devises numériques d’ici les 12 prochains mois. Plus d’un tiers (36%) des équipes financières déclarent que leur entreprise s’est déjà lancée … Read more

Matthieu Ourliac, president of Medef Béziers: “Business leaders are worn out, worried, filled with doubts”

Matthieu Ourliac president of Medef Beziers Business leaders are worn

The president of Medef Béziers, takes stock of the two years of crisis faced by the leaders of Biterrois, constantly adapting to move forward. Where are the business leaders of Biterrois, after these two years of crisis? The health crisis, coupled with an economic crisis, has been hard on business leaders, who have been remarkably … Read more