Lebanese turn to crypto and decentralization as banks close indefinitely

Traitement TVA Des Services Fournis Par Les Plateformes Dechange De

The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) announced on September 22 the indefinite closure of all banks in the country, as depositors became aggressive about withdrawing their funds. Meanwhile, young Lebanese are turning to crypto to escape the financial crisis, which has been driving uptake since 2021. Due to the economic crisis, the government restricted … Read more

Hezbollah’s hold on Lebanon must end, says Lebanese Forces chief Geagea

MAARAB: Lebanese Christian leader Samir Geagea, whose party made a breakthrough in the legislative elections, said Lebanon’s sovereignty should be restored, denouncing the hold of the powerful pro-Iranian armed movement Hezbollah over the country. “Any strategic decision must be entirely up to the state (…) and security and military issues must be the exclusive responsibility … Read more

The Lebanese elections seen by the foreign press

“The Hezbollah bloc has lost its majority. This is the main assessment that the international press drew from the results of the legislative elections which took place on Sunday in the country of the Cedars, even more than the “significant breakthrough of the opposition”, headlined Tuesday by the French daily Le Monde. Based on the … Read more

Lebanese Legislative: Shiites keep their seats but lose their majority

According to the final results of the Lebanese legislative elections given on Tuesday, the parliamentary bloc led by the powerful pro-Iranian armed movement Hezbollah lost its majority in Parliament. Candidates from the 2019 popular protest in Lebanon won at least 13 seats in parliament. The bloc of the March 8 Forces and the Free Patriotic … Read more

Ralph Khoury clears the NFT jungle for Lebanese artists

1650403115 Ralph Khoury clears the NFT jungle for Lebanese artists

He is red-haired and myopic, with a preference for round glasses. His nickname was all found: Ginger Potter, the red Harry Potter. This geek-oriented illustrator, holder of a master’s degree in interior architecture from Alba, wanted to make a living from his art rather than taking a job and making a hobby of his talent. … Read more