Legislative: from the crisis of democracy to an ungovernable France?

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Disavowal for Macron in the legislative elections, leap from the far right

President Emmanuel Macron suffered a major disavowal on Sunday in the second round of legislative elections in France, losing his absolute majority in the National Assembly which will complicate his ability to govern in a poll also marked by the strong push from the far right. If these results are confirmed, the French president, re-elected … Read more

Legislative: Macron pleads for unity, Mélenchon warns against “mess”

Legislative Macron pleads for unity Melenchon warns against mess

President Emmanuel Macron during a television interview on a French channel during his official visit to Ukraine on June 16, 2022 ( AFP / Thomas SAMSON ) Absolute or simple majority? Back from Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron pleaded for the unity of France on Friday for the last day of campaigning before the second round of … Read more

Legislative: Macronie in trouble, Emmanuel Macron in difficulty

Legislative Macronie in trouble Emmanuel Macron in difficulty

Sunday evening, at 8 p.m., on the TF1 set, one only had to see the face of Gabriel Attal, a very young Minister of Public Accounts, to understand the embarrassment of Macronie following the results of the first round of legislative. On the first channel of France, the left-wing coalition, the NUPES is announced as … Read more

Legislative: the majority and the Nupes neck and neck, according to a survey

To what to expect this Sunday, June 12, from 8 p.m.? According to an Ipsos-Sopra Steria survey, published by The world, this legislative election could well be one of the most uncertain that France has ever known. One thing is certain, however, the country remains indeed divided into three blocks. According to the study, three … Read more

the fourth quarter of the political offer for the legislative elections: federalism

The legislative elections bring together three major blocs according to the mainstream media: A left-wing alliance, the Nupes, a centrist macronist alliance, a far-right nebula. Both ends are nationalistic and centralizing. The center is European but, paradoxically, centralizing as far as the administrative organization of France is concerned. I then draw the attention of informed … Read more

Legislative: unlike the Ministry of the Interior, the media will give the result of the Nupes

Will we be able to measure the result of the Nupes on the evening of the first round of the legislative elections? While the main left-wing parties united under the banner of the “New Popular, Ecological and Social Union” (Nupes), this alliance was not recognized as “political nuance” by the Ministry of the Interior. In … Read more

Lebanese Legislative: Shiites keep their seats but lose their majority

According to the final results of the Lebanese legislative elections given on Tuesday, the parliamentary bloc led by the powerful pro-Iranian armed movement Hezbollah lost its majority in Parliament. Candidates from the 2019 popular protest in Lebanon won at least 13 seats in parliament. The bloc of the March 8 Forces and the Free Patriotic … Read more

Last Council of Ministers, legislative, baccalaureate and journalist killed in Israel: the information to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss Jean Castex’s government is meeting this Wednesday for the last time around Emmanuel Macron, at the Elysee Palace, for a final Council of Ministers for the five-year term. This one officially ends Friday night, at midnight, for the second to begin. However, the composition of the future government is still … Read more