Ethereum (ETH): How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ‘Difficulty Bomb’

Top 2 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now and Hold for the

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The sector of crypto-currencies is plagued with liquidations and layoffs, but Ethereum developers continue to work on merging, i.e. the soon-to-be transition of the blockchain network to a new, more energy-efficient mechanism for issuing blocks and stay secure. Ironically, the markets’ pessimism coincides with a period of optimism in Ethereum’s … Read more

Love, Death + Robots is organizing an NFT treasure hunt:

Love Death Robots is organizing an NFT treasure hunt

An NFT treasure hunt is making headlines among web3 users. Discovering hidden NFTs here and there, in the virtual world as well as in the real world, is the dream of many crypto and metaverse enthusiasts. The game looks even more interesting when paired with Netflix. Indeed, this famous NFT treasure hunt is backed by … Read more

The Netflix series, “Love, Death + Robots” has returned for a third season that includes NFTs to be won! | Netflix | Cryptocurrency

The final season of “Love, Death + Robots” comes with an added surprise: an NFT hunt that will give fans a new way to interact with the series. According to the show’s website, nine QR codes are hidden in each episode. They are also disseminated in the show’s social networks, videos and advertisements. Viewers who … Read more

SLP Crypto Review: What Future for Smooth Love Potion in 2022?

SLP Crypto Review What Future for Smooth Love Potion in

You like video games and want to earn an income from your passion, invest in Smooth Love Potion (SLP) crypto. This cryptocurrency allows you to earn income while having fun. If you are not yet convinced, in this article we will break down everything you need to know about SLP crypto to best inform your … Read more

The New York Times column. Modern Love: When a wedding has to close up shop

When my father came home at night, he was often tired and grumpy. But sometimes he would bring back in his old-fashioned briefcase, nestled between two notepads, big bags of candies – or, often, chocolates – for my brother and me. On those days he’d shopped at Duane Reade’s during his lunch break and stuffed … Read more

Qatar 2022: Crypto and football, a new love affair?

Qatar 2022 Crypto and football a new love affair

Now having significant funds, companies in the cryptocurrency world want to invest more and more in marketing and advertising. If there is one area where these two things are ubiquitous, it is sport. Already present in Formula 1, cryptocurrency is gradually arriving in the world of football. However, what will be the consequences? Are we … Read more

Love It Or Hate It, The Crypto Vibe Change Is Now Imminent

Love It Or Hate It The Crypto Vibe Change Is

Last month, cultural critic Alison P. Davis published an article in The cup titled “A Mood Change Is Coming”. Will any of us survive it?” The “mood change” Davis was referring to had nothing to do with crypto. She was referring to a drastic shift in pop culture and social trends, especially given GenZ’s continued … Read more