Massive landslides: in the face of natural risks, “the solution is not to equip the mountain excessively”

Massive landslides in the face of natural risks the solution

The mountain experiences its share of rockfalls or other landslides every year, sometimes with dramatic outcomes. But should we give in to one-upmanship in terms of safety in these natural areas? The phenomena of landslides and landslides in the mountains have been particularly visible in recent years, whether in the media or on social networks. … Read more

Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu Could Generate Massive Wealth for Your Diverse Portfolio

Big Eyes Coin Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Could Generate Massive

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Despite the size of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, top crypto enthusiasts and traders are still finding the coins of meme like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Unique Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). The adorable cat-themed Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may start a new trend. This token offers unique features and benefits … Read more

Cryptocurrencies: analysts fear “massive capitulation” from investors

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) It is common to see the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuate over short periods of time. On many occasions, the price of bitcoin has fallen to rebound better afterwards. But for some time, the falls follow one another… The price of bitcoin is currently recording … Read more

Massive airdrop in sight for NFT communities

Massive airdrop in sight for NFT communities

Seedify, the NFT and blockchain game launcher and incubator, is about to launch its new utility token, $SNFTS. This will be the main token of the future NFT marketplace that Seedify is creating. This will increase the chances of participating in NFT launches that will take place on the Seedify NFT Launchpad. When Seedify was … Read more

Luna Classic, a massive burn with Binance in the game? – BeinCrypto France

Luna Classic a massive burn with Binance in the game

While the Terra ecosystem still seems dead and with dwindling utility, founder Do Kwon finally “came out” of his silence by giving an interview to a crypto outlet. At the same time, a massive burn seems to be taking place with the Luna Classic token. Although doubts about the ecosystem persist, the possible inclusion of … Read more

Will Uniswap and Optimism’s Massive Crypto Rallies Continue? Santiment Analyzes The Best Ethereum Altcoins

Will Uniswap and Optimisms Massive Crypto Rallies Continue Santiment Analyzes

The Santiment analytics platform examines two crypto assets registering triple-digit percentage increases over a relatively short period of time. Starting with decentralized finance (DeFi) platform UniSwap (UNI), Santiment claims that the crypto asset has appreciated more than 150% over a period of almost two months. “Uniswap has had one hell of a tear over the … Read more

Coinbase: Cryptocurrency Crisis: Exchanges Announce Massive Layoffs Amid Fears Of A “Crypto Winter” | Economy and Business – Tech Tribune France

The cryptocurrency industry has announced mass layoffs amid fears of a so-called “crypto winter”. The fall in the price of bitcoin, which has lost more than two-thirds of its value since the highs in November, has dragged the entire sector into a serious crisis. This crisis was exacerbated by the Luna/UST crash – which wiped … Read more

LBank Exchange Continues Hiring Amid Massive Crypto Job Cuts – Bitcoin News Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. Cryptocurrency exchange LBank continued to hire more crypto and blockchain talent as well as interns for its global offices. Against a backdrop of desperately needed crypto market and investors shedding risky assets, as well as some crypto companies laying off employees and freezing withdrawals, LBank is taking a step in the right direction. … Read more

Zelf sort une arme de démocratisation massive : Les NFT sur Apple Watch

1655825112 Zelf sort une arme de democratisation massive Les NFT

La diffusion des NFT est inexorable. De nombreuses marques célèbres commencent à se tourner vers ces nouvelles technologies, qu’on regroupe sous le nom de Web3. Seulement, le problème que cet univers doit résoudre afin d’atteindre la postérité, c’est la démocratisation. Et pour ça, Zelf a tout prévu. Cette entreprise veut être la néo-banque du metaverse. … Read more

Fundamentally And Technically, The Entire Crypto Space Is A Massive Mess

Fundamentally And Technically The Entire Crypto Space Is A Massive

Ethereum crashed below support. Discussions of much of the crypto space, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and coins that were allegedly staked 1:1 on Ethereum. Ethereum chart courtesy of StockCharts.Com annotations by Mish Advertising Advertising Optimized bubble on liquidity The same forces that have driven the stock market to insane levels are precisely the same forces that … Read more