Shopify: Pay becomes available to all merchants. – Latest News

Shopify Cryptocom Pay becomes available to all merchants Latest, a fastest growing cryptocurrency platform in the world, said Shopify merchants can now enable Pay on their online stores. It offers customers more methods to make purchases with cryptocurrency. Shopify merchants using Pay will enjoy 0% billing fees for one month. Shopify and the world of cryptocurrency. Source: Cryptocurrency Checkout This is … Read more

Demand for Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways Grows 40% Among Merchants

The gap between consumer demand for crypto payments and the lack of merchants supporting it is finally narrowing. When crypto spending statistically spends twice that of credit card spending, it’s time for merchants to adapt to the demand for crypto payment solutions. Demand for crypto payment solutions from crypto consumers has increased by more than … Read more

Shopify merchants can now accept cryptos, a growing crypto platform, has announced that Shopify merchants will now be able to receive crypto payments from customers using Crypto.con Pay. The move gives Shopify users expanded reach by giving customers more payment options. said it would waive the 0.5% settlement fee on all transactions Shopify users make for at least a … Read more Allows Shopify Merchants To Accept Crypto Payments has integrated with Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify so global merchants can accept crypto payments and save on processing fees with final cash settlements. The integration aims to make it easier for Shopify’s nearly two million merchants to expand their reach by making their products more accessible to customers who pay with crypto. Pay … Read more