Crypto: How Criminals Laundered $4 Billion in Dirty Money

Stablecoin Markets Shift as Binance Begins USDC Conversions

Despite restrictions put in place by regulators, criminals have managed to launder $4 billion in dirty money since 2020. Bridges and decentralized platforms are popular with scammers and hackers, according to a study. Elliptic, a firm specializing in blockchain analysis, has just published a study devoted money laundering through cryptocurrencies. The report, relayed by our … Read more

OKX Lite Is Here To Trade And Make Money On Crypto

OKX Lite Is Here To Trade And Make Money On

VICTORIA, Seychelles, September 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKXthe second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, today announced the launch of OKX Litea streamlined version of its trading app that allows users to buy, sell, trade, and operate their crypto with ease. With a more streamlined look and feel than the version for experienced traders, … Read more

Benji Bananas NFT Game: Mod apk, infinite money, how to play? | PortalCrypto

Benji Bananas is a free mobile game from Animoca Brands available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. It’s a popular action game (over 50 million downloads) in which players blast Benji the monkey and his friends from vine to vine through the jungle. Read on to find out if Benji Bananas is … Read more

How to get free money from Ethereum PoS upgrade

The blockchain a remedy for the scourge of fake show

Ethereum is moving to Proof-of-Stake, but miners are planning a Proof-of-Work fork. A group of anonymous developers backed by many prominent Ethereum miners are expected to hard fork the Ethereum blockchain after next week’s merger, keeping a version of the network working with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. ) current while the main blockchain transitions … Read more

What Happens To Investors’ Money When A Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Bankrupt

What Happens To Investors Money When A Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes

New Jersey-based Celsius Network is the latest to announce voluntary bankruptcy due to illiquid balance sheets. Celsius has filed Chapter 11 cases that would provide the best opportunity to stabilize its business and complete a comprehensive restructuring operation that maximizes value for all stakeholders. Last week, when filing for bankruptcy in court, the stock exchange … Read more

How To Withdraw Money – The Rise Of Crypto-fiat Tech Tribune France

How To Withdraw Money The Rise Of Crypto fiat Tech

The digital asset economy continues to gain momentum globally, despite recent scandals and crashes. This is fueling the demand for using crypto as a means of payment in the real world. Large companies such as Meta (Facebook) and Amazon have responded by starting to build the infrastructure needed to handle crypto payments. Another driving force … Read more

Explained: The Crypto Route To Money Laundering

Explained The Crypto Route To Money Laundering

Are blockchains traceable? Transactions on a blockchain are always traceable. Most courts and law enforcement agencies around the world have recognized their immutable nature and accept blockchain records as legal proof of transaction histories. However, sometimes crypto transactions can occur “off-chain”, or other methods can be used to mask the flow of funds. Additionally, blockchains … Read more

Lost money from mining $4.5 million crypto wallets? Here’s what you should do – CNET

Lost money from mining 45 million crypto wallets Heres what

Good morning! Welcome to Distributed Ledger, our weekly crypto newsletter that hits your inbox every Thursday. I’m Frances Yue, a crypto reporter at CNET, and I’ll walk you through the latest in this bear market. Find me on Twitter at @FrancesYue_ to send feedback, or tell us what you think we should cover. You can … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum… How cryptos can change the nature of money

It is customary to consider that money, an economic tool that we use every day, has the function of being an instrument of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value, a definition often attributed to Aristotle, 4 centuries before our era. In the ambient economic environment, it is possible to observe that … Read more