Nifty News: Sandbox LAND on Polygon, ETH Earns Tax Loss and More… | Cryptocurrency

An NFT trader has passed a supposed tax depreciation “masterclass” by booking a profit of 74.2 ETH for a loss of $52,000, and print-on-demand company has rolled out NFT merch support. A popular Ethereum-based Metaverse gaming platform, The Sandbox has unveiled a bridge that allows users to transfer their virtual LAND and native SAND … Read more

Crypto Exchange Bitbns Becomes The First Exchange In India – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News – Tech Tribune France

Advertising TRACE is now listed in India as a cryptocurrency option that supports free trade. Bitbn is an India-based cryptocurrency exchange company that has chosen to take on this brand as a Metaverse-supported token. It is a tool that gives users more control over certain aspects of their cryptocurrency decisions. It’s also a direct advocate … Read more

Uzbekistan is developing regulations for cryptocurrency mining activity. – Latest News

the NAPP of Uzbekistan has drawn up regulations on the registration of minors from crypto. The decree exempts all mining assets from taxation and prohibits anonymous currency mining. Additionally, only companies using solar power are allowed to mine cryptocurrencies. Conditions for minor companies The National Agency for Prospective Projects (NAPP) of Uzbekistan has established requirements … Read more

Minor company White Rock Management is expanding into Texas. – Latest News

White Rock Management is a global digital asset mining company. Recently, it announced the rollout of its first American Bitcoin mining facility. It is located in the valley of Brazos in Texas. The firm of White Rock Management established in the United States The initial mining will be powered by natural gas derived from active … Read more

75% Have Heard Of Crypto In Spain, According To CNMV – Bitcoin News

75 Have Heard Of Crypto In Spain According To CNMV

Findings from a new report commissioned by the CNMV, the securities watchdog in Spain, revealed that three out of four citizens have heard of cryptocurrencies. However, the report, which included the opinions of 1,500 participants, also revealed that this knowledge is still minimal and that less than 10% have actually purchased cryptocurrency as a means … Read more

Ed Sheeran concert: news about how blockchain tickets work – BeinCrypto

Ed Sheeran is one of the first to experiment with blockchain tickets. If the announcement had been made last fall, we know more about this new ticketing system. A new app for blockchain tickets Since the incident at the Stade de France, securing event tickets has become essential in the country. But while the government … Read more

The European Union plans to ban exchanges from charging interest on stablecoin deposits. – Latest News

According to the Patrick Hansenthe European Union is preparing to ban interest payments on stablecoin deposits. Discussions will continue until June 30. The EU is then expected to announce its final decision at a meeting of representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. Prohibit interest payments on … Read more

SEC Chairman Says Bitcoin Is A Commodity And Must Be Regulated By The CFTC. – Latest News

The chairman of the US SEC pointed out in an interview with CNBC that bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, is a commodity. Thus, it should be regulated by the CFTC. The latter is an independent US government agency that regulates US derivatives markets. SEC protects cryptographic tokens. The SEC Chairman added in his … Read more

Crypto NFT Today: The Latest News On Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, And NFTs: June 15 To June 21, 2022 Tech Tribune France

1656396148 Crypto NFT Today The Latest News On Blockchain Cryptocurrency And

Where do I start? Cryptocurrency is in freefall. The Bored Ape market floor is now below $100,000, Bitcoin and Ethereum break through 2020 lows, and now we are in “crypto winter”. So the question is, can he recover? After shouting internally, in short, my answer is yes. Now, I’m not here to “be an expert”, … Read more

Online With WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV And Jobs

Online With WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov – Blockchain News Opinion

The war in Ukraine continues. The same goes for help from various charities and individuals. WhiteBIT, Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, could not stay away from the disaster, providing support to the country since the start of the Russian invasion. In almost 4 months, WhiteBIT managed to raise nearly 100 million UAH for humanitarian and army … Read more