What are the CryptoPunks, these little characters number 1 of NFT sales?

CryptoPunks are the NFTs that have driven the highest transaction volume since March 2021. What are these funny little characters? Purple or fiery red hair, hood, cap, piercing and cigarette in the beak. At first glance, CryptoPunks look like the little pixelated characters from 90s games. These 10,000 characters created by Larva Labs however, have … Read more

Jul wins NFT in his brand new album “the Extraterrestrial”!

Following the incredible success of his new album “l’Extraterrestre”, rapper Jul decided to win NFTs on Instagram! Jul does not stop! His new album “the Extraterrestrial” is finally out, and it’s a hit on all streaming platforms. So much so that the Marseille rapper decided to win NFTs on Instagram! MCE TV tells you everything … Read more

Blockchain, Crypto, NFT and Metavers: Understanding the Basics

We hear about Blockchain, Crypto-currencies, NFT or Metavers, but What is the connection between all these concepts? What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a currency digital and decentralized. She exchanges peer-to-peer without trusted third party like banks. These currencies have no physical support and are not regulated by a central body. For some, this … Read more

NFT music: Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki will release an exclusive album

NFT music Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki will release an

Yesterday was the scheduled release date for the first two songs from Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki’s exclusive NFT album. These two NFT music pioneers granted them for free to collectors of Snoop Stashbox tokens or Aokiverse NFT Passport. NFT music, a web3 revolution is underway ” Alpha Doggz Da Da is the name that … Read more

TheSafeBox, the NFT and the thirst for great wines

Champagne, legendary spirits, grands crus: the world of “To be consumed in moderation”, often considered one of the most stable for investors, is in the process of switching into the virtual universe of NFTs with the thirst of a lost Bedouin in the desert. “Non-fungible tokens” are modern property titles, supported by a blockchain which … Read more

NFT Globin Town: Its Globintown.wft collection reaches the podium in a stroke of genius

NFT Globin Town Its Globintownwft collection reaches the podium in

Launched on May 22 without fanfare and trumpets, the NFT Goblin Town collection has been an unexpected success. “Unexpected” because its promoters did not go through the boxes “ whitelists », collaborations, community building, etc., to achieve this. They simply chose a Twitter account with a very modest number of followers (10,600) coupled with a … Read more

Euroleague Basketball dveloppe la stratgie Web3 avec des vidos interactives NFT en collaboration avec Clancy International

Class dans : Les affaires, Sports et loisir, Crypto-monnaiesSujet : Contrats TORONTO, 27 mai 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aprs avoir lanc EuroLeague Land, qui a permis aux fans de profiter de la Final Four de l’EuroLeague 2022 de Turkish Airlines dans le cadre d’une exprience virtuelle immersive, Euroleague Basketball a annonc un partenariat pluriannuel avec Clancy … Read more

NFT and Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding It All — YubiGeek

NFT and Cryptocurrency The Ultimate Guide to Understanding It All

In the same category of Bitcoins or XRP (Ripple), the NFT is the latest form of cryptocurrency to be all the rage in recent years. It enjoys an unprecedented enthusiasm among Internet investors, especially in the world of digital art. But what is it exactly? How to take advantage of it? Explanation. The growth of … Read more

What assessment for the NFT market in 2021?

The total value and the average amount of NFT transactions have skyrocketed in 2021. However, beware of hasty investments: only a very small group of connoisseurs will profit from this market, warns Chainalysis. In 2021, nearly four years after its infancy, the NFT market experienced spectacular consumer enthusiasm. As a reminder, it is a question … Read more

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds launched with Crypto and NFT plans

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible. Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds was released for PC and mobile platforms globally, following an East Asia launch in 2021. Unfortunately … Read more