Cinema NFTs upset by crypto crash

While “non-fungible tokens” or NFT type crypto-assets are still perceived for the long term as an interesting complement to film and audiovisual funding, the initiatives underway in France are not impervious to the collapse of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a few weeks. “Plush”, a very ambitious animated film project around plush characters initiated by … Read more

Sport, social networks… NFTs interfere in everyday life

The Internet giants continue their entry into Web 3, the Internet of tomorrow. The announcement was made this week: Instagram will introduce NFTs (non-fungible token). NFTs, we already told you about them a few weeks ago in the Tech Zone, they are digital assets that work on a blockchain (block chain) like cryptocurrency. They have … Read more

Onlyfans founder gets into crypto and NFTs with an unexpected project

tim stokley, the founder of the Onlyfans platform, has just announced its arrival in the world of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT). In a press release, the British businessman announced the creation of Zoop. The platform will “to buy, sell, collect and trade 3D digital playing cards” issued by celebrities or influencers. Mirroring OpenSea or … Read more

How NFTs will drive the new wave of consumer loyalty | Cryptocurrency

Part of the resistance of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general stems from their versatility. Every time I feel like I’m nearing rock bottom, someone contacts me with a new use case for cryptocurrency. More recently, however, it was Dan Jurek, vice president of strategic services for the Lacek Group, who came up with a … Read more