The SEC publishes new regulations on the issuance and trading of cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

Nigeria has published new rules on digital assets which provide greater clarity for cryptocurrency trading in Africa’s most populous country. The new regulations establish the roles of different players in the digital asset space, with each having an important role in the new industry. New rules to boost trade in Nigeria The SEC announced on … Read more

Nigeria Issues Rules On Crypto Assets In A Move That Could Boost Adoption

The Securities Exchange Commission of Nigeria has issued new rules that apply to all crypto products and … [+] service providers in the country. The latest development could legitimize and boost the adoption of digital assets in this West African country. Getty Nigeria’s Securities Exchange Commission has issued new rules relating to the issuance, exchange … Read more

Bitcoin Money: What is it? | The Guardian Nigeria News TechRadar

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in 2017. Here is everything you need to know about Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin has inspired robust innovation since its inception in 2009, and Bitcoin Cash is one of its most notable proteges. Bitcoin cash is a crypto developed in 2017 from a Bitcoin fork. Its introduction alleviated Bitcoin’s scalability … Read more

Celebrating His Birthday, Crypto Advocate Tony Emeka Urges Young People To Learn About Crypto | The Guardian Nigeria News TechRadar

Celebrating His Birthday Crypto Advocate Tony Emeka Urges Young People

It is no news that the last few weeks since the start of the year have been quite turbulent for many crypto natives. The continued negative price action with momentary hopes has undoubtedly weighed heavily on young crypto natives in particular, and even those who claim to understand how the crypto market works. In times … Read more