Ether (ETH) on-chain analysis – How is the Ethereum network doing following the Merge?

Ether ETH on chain analysis – How is the Ethereum network

Following The Merge update to the Ethereum blockchain, on-chain demand and validator responsiveness metrics are plummeting, as ETH 2.0 custodians still have their heads under water, accusing a average latent loss of -30%. On-chain analysis of the situation. The Merge concludes with a remarkable technical success More than a month after The Merge and the … Read more

Chainlink is the industry standard for on-chain weather data, but is that reflected in the LINK price? | Cryptocurrency

Chainlink is the industry standard for on chain weather data but

Chainlink price is swinging dangerously in a rising channel as losses at $5.80 persist. Chainlink’s enterprise-grade middleware can help organizations develop climate markets and improve energy management. LINK price may maintain support at the 100-day SMA and buyer congestion at $7.00, as highlighted by IOMAP. Chainlink price is still facing prolonged selling pressure since the … Read more

Leading Wall Street Financial Institutions Unite To Implement On-Chain Settlement Digital Asset Exchange

Leading Wall Street Financial Institutions Unite To Implement On Chain Settlement

Image: Shutterstock – Advertising – Trade titans and brokerage firms in the United States are building a crypto exchange. The new exchange will bring investing in digital assets into the realm of traditional finance. It will mimic the structure of how other asset classes trade. Major financial institutions will support the new exchange. Charles Schwab, … Read more

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, defends on-chain social networks – BeinCrypto

The blockchain a remedy for the scourge of fake show

The CEO of crypto exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), has spoken out in favor of the existence of social networks on chain and even believes that these offer certain advantages to users, such as verification of the authenticity of certain data. Sam Bankman-Fried explained on his social media: “A cool on-chain social media app: check … Read more

On-Chain Privacy Revolution: Bringing Total Anonymity to Web3 | Cryptocurrency

Philippines UnionBank launches crypto service through its mobile app

Despite all of web3’s ideals of decentralization and anonymity, a privacy crisis is bubbling beneath the surface, directly threatening users’ financial and identity security. The public nature of blockchain information makes anonymity particularly crucial to web3 culture, as for many it is necessary to keep their identity and financial data separate. Behind every NFT profile … Read more

On-Chain Metrics Suggest This Crypto Bear Market Won’t Be As Brutal As Past Cycles: Analytics Firm IntoTheBlock

On Chain Metrics Suggest This Crypto Bear Market Wont Be As

Some on-chain indicators suggest that the current crypto market downtrend may not be as steep as past bear markets, according to Lucas Outumuro, head of research at analytics firm IntoTheBlock. In a new analysis, Outumuro acknowledges that it is becoming “increasingly difficult to say that we are not in a bear market”. Although the total … Read more

Ethereum: World’s First On-Chain Bridge to Solana Could Change Everything By – is undoubtedly one of the most innovative blockchains in the world. No other proof-of-stake or proof-of-work network is capable of processing 65,000 transactions per second, even remotely. At the same time, there are no significant costs per transaction. Considering this, the still very young blockchain has been gladly called the “Ethereum killer”. It … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) On-Chain Analysis – An Undecided Market Structure?

1650483084 Bitcoin BTC On Chain Analysis – An Undecided Market Structure

Bitcoin holds the $40,000 mark The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is hovering around the $40,000 support and adopting a particularly indecisive pricing structure. In a state of consolidation throughout the first quarter of 2022, bitcoin nevertheless printed successive lows higher and higher, sowing the doubt about its short and medium term trend for many investors. … Read more

Crypto Exchange Token Showing ‘Amazing’ On-Chain Growth: Analytics Firm Santiment

Blockchain analytics firm Santiment claims that the native token of a decentralized crypto exchange signals massive fundamental strength behind the scenes. According to the firm, on-chain data shows stunning growth for DYDX, the native token of the decentralized trading platform of the same name. Santiment says there has been an abnormal burst of active addresses … Read more

On-chain metrics show why loopring LRC price is skyrocketing | Cryptocurrency

The SushiSwap community offers a Swiss legal structure to limit

Indicators help understand the reason behind crypto price rallies and whether they can potentially last over time. GameStop (GME) recently announced that it will create an NFT market on top of Ethereum’s layer 2, Loopring. This news skyrocketed the price of Loopring’s tokens to increase over 50% in a single day, and a total increase … Read more