Layer-2: definition and operation of blockchain sub-layers

Layer 2 definition and operation of blockchain sub layers

For structural reasons, more and more blockchains use layer-2 to develop their applications. In fact, the Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon and Lightning Network networks are becoming more and more important. Summary What is a layer-2 for a cryptocurrency? Layer-2s are sub-layers or networks parallel to blockchains, capable of supporting more transactions. In the Bitcoinit is Lightning … Read more

Brazilian Federal Police Launches Operation Colossus, 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Involved

Brazilian Federal Police Launches Operation Colossus 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Involved

The Brazilian Federal Police and the Brazilian Tax Authority have launched the latest stage of “Operation Colossus,” a movement that has enforced hundreds of court orders against cryptocurrency exchanges, arbitration agents and bogus companies in four states of the country. 158 government agents, including 130 federal police officers, were involved in this operation, issuing search … Read more

Metaverse and NFT: Controversies erupt during a Yuga Labs operation

Metaverse and NFT Controversies erupt during a Yuga Labs operation

The past week has seen the largest NFT sell-off ever. 55,000 plots of the Yuga Labs ode metaverse have been marketed for over $300 million. However, this has given rise to controversy. A sale that caused controversy In exchange for a sum of approximately $6,000, a buyer acquired an NFT otherdeed, which authenticated its ownership … Read more

The blockchain revolution: definition, operation and perspectives

The blockchain revolution definition operation and perspectives

The blockchain, or chain of blocks, is inseparable from bitcoin, the virtual currency created in 2008. It is in a way a decentralized and collectively controlled account book, on the peer-to-peer principle (peer to peer), from a distributed database. It is the blockchain that ensures the security of transactions by pooling trust. A reputedly transparent … Read more