More Than Half Of Latin Americans Have Paid With Crypto

As digital payments are embraced, consumers want to see more flexibility in using crypto and traditional payments interchangeably Latin Americans are ready to use emerging payment methods such as biometrics, digital currencies and QR code According to a new Mastercard survey, Latin American consumers are looking for more services related to crypto and digital payments. … Read more

Telegram introduces a paid subscription

The Telegram messaging service now has 700 million monthly active users and is therefore looking for another way to make money. The new subscription feature will be a ‘premium’ version of Telegram, with which you will get additional settings. Nothing has yet filtered about the price of this type of subscription, but it seems that … Read more

Do you want to be paid in bitcoin or dogecoin? Here are the rewards and the risks – Reuters News in France and abroad

Do you want to be paid in bitcoin or dogecoin

It is undeniable that with the Great Resignation, workers are more able to seek what they want from their work. Along with flexibility and better benefits, a new workplace perk is gaining popularity – the possibility of being paid in digital currency. According to a global survey by financial advisory firm deVere Group, cryptocurrencies could … Read more

Could Wages Soon Be Paid In Cryptocurrency? The Experts Explain – Tech Tribune France

As virtual assets grow in popularity in the UAE and around the world, industry executives believe that more companies will pay salaries in cryptocurrencies and the industry will also be less volatile due to improved regulations and legal framework. Digital currencies are already accepted by some countries while a few tech companies pay salaries to … Read more

New CFO Of Crypto Exchange Kraken Has Already Paid $65,000 Fine On Charges Related To Investor Deception And Breach Of Fiduciary Duty. She Admitted No Guilt

New CFO Of Crypto Exchange Kraken Has Already Paid 65000

Renaud Laplanche, left, founder and former CEO of Lending Club, hands the gavel to the company’s former chief financial officer, Carrie Dolan, after ringing the ceremonial first bell, at his company’s IPO , on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Thursday, Dec. 13, 2019. 11, 2014. Four years later, the pair was settled … Read more