By the way, what does “quantum” mean?

By the way what does quantum mean

AFP Town planning: outcry to defend very sixties buildings in Toulouse Several architects are mobilizing alongside the inhabitants of the popular city of Mirail, in Toulouse, to avoid the destruction of 1,400 dwellings from the 1960s, pleading for their rehabilitation and denouncing a disastrous project on the ecological and economic level. Indy”, a massive eleven-storey … Read more

Electronic archiving in the quantum era: how to anticipate future quantum threats to trusted digital services now

1674749432 Electronic archiving in the quantum era how to anticipate future

Through its increased computing power, quantum technology could, for example, produce electronic signatures, corrupt encrypted transactions/messages and allow the usurpation of the identity of servers or other entities involved in electronic exchanges. As a benchmark for digital trust in France, Docaposte has anticipated the post-quantum shift and is launching the implementation, within its Arkhineo Electronic … Read more

IRIS²: Europe’s sovereign “Starlink” will be quantum

1674045167 IRIS² Europes sovereign Starlink will be quantum

IRIS² is the name of the future sovereign constellation of the European Union. Objective: to propose an equivalent to Starlink, to ensure the autonomy of Europe. Among its upcoming features: quantum cryptography. It is now official: the European Union (EU) will soon have a third satellite constellation. Her name ? IRIS², which stands for “Europe’s … Read more

A new microlaser chip adds new dimensions to quantum communication

A new microlaser chip adds new dimensions to quantum communication

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) An international team of researchers, led by the University of Pennsylvania, has created a chip that outperforms any existing quantum communications hardware. And for good reason: this chip does not store data in the form of qubits, but in the form of qudits, which … Read more

NIST kicks off long march to quantum security

NIST kicks off long march to quantum security

The race is on to achieve “quantum security” by finding algorithms that resist cracking by quantum computers. And NIST recently gave the go, announcing the first four contenders. Quantum computing is such a fledgling technology that even those who venture to make predictions about the future find it hard to tell what out-of-the-ordinary innovation it … Read more

Biometric Passport Security in the Quantum Computer Age

1673951580 Biometric Passport Security in the Quantum Computer Age

German Federal Printing Office, Fraunhofer and Infineon Demonstrate E-Passport Security in the Quantum Computer Age for the First Time A security controller made by semiconductor developer Infineon Technologies protects biometric and demographic data contained in an e-passport against classical and quantum computer attacks, making technology developed with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Embedded Security … Read more

Quantum computing and cybersecurity: risk or opportunity?

Quantum computing and cybersecurity risk or opportunity

The quantum rush According to an article from Figaro published in March 2022, more than 23% of large global companies are currently working on quantum technologies. A World Economic Forum report from September 2022 shows that more than 50% of IT companies hire in this sector. Governments and companies are therefore investing heavily in quantum … Read more

From cryptography to artificial intelligence, could quantum computing change the world?

From cryptography to artificial intelligence could quantum computing change the

To better understand the quantum computer and the technological race it generates, we offer you here the fourth opus of our series. This one looks at how quantum computers could be a game-changer in cryptography and artificial intelligence – two areas that might seem specific but already completely permeate our digital lives. It follows articles … Read more