A $175,000 house sold via an NFT. People have questions. – CBS

How To Buy Solana SOL Forbes Advisor UK

Last week, Roofstock, a digital real estate platform, facilitated the sale of a $175,000 home in South Carolina using a non-fungible token, sparking debate about whether technology makes the process easier or harder. buying a property. Roofstock onChain, which is the company’s Web3 subsidiary, listed the property on its Origin Protocol-powered NFT Marketplace (many mistakenly … Read more

Cryptocurrency: Are you ready or not? Important questions to ask yourself

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

Every successful or regular trader in the crypto world knows that this is normal. Each of these traders, even those who are now successful millionaires, have a different story about market volatility – some learned to manage it, while other traders simply failed to find a way and ended their trade. career. 3. How to … Read more

Cryptocurrency In Nepali Law: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Cryptocurrency In Nepali Law Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash The much-hyped term “cryptocurrency” remains foreign to many Nepalese. It is also because there is no law yet in Nepal that directly deals with such a thing. Moreover, cryptocurrency transaction is still legally questionable in Nepal. So here we will explain what cryptocurrency means as far as Nepalese law is … Read more

Ownership Questions Over FTX’s Ties to Alameda Research

Tout ce quil faut savoir sur la merge

As Alameda Research becomes one of the global leaders in the digital token market, there are growing concerns about its close ties to FTX, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange. Although no irregularities have taken place, the growing influence of companies founded by Sam Bankman-Fried and interconnected since their inception is raising eyebrows over potential conflicts … Read more

Four questions about taxation of cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

What tax regimes apply to crypto-assets? How to declare them? We put these questions to Me Olivier Martin, partner of the specialized firm Halt Avocats, in charge of the tax law department. What does the law in France say about cryptocurrencies and NFTs in terms of taxation? First of all, it should be understood that … Read more

Top 10 Most Searched Questions On Google About Cryptocurrency And Its Implications

Top 10 Most Searched Questions On Google About Cryptocurrency And

What people end up searching on Google provides raw information about the real state of mind, often revealing their interest, fear, and range of other emotions on a particular topic. To identify investor sentiment amid a bear market that has yet to find its bottom, Cointelegraph dug deep into the web to uncover the most … Read more

Catella shares the 5 questions to ask yourself before investing in real estate on the metaverse

Catella shares the 5 questions to ask yourself before investing

The metaverse, what is it? Invented by Neil Stephenson in 1992, the term “metaverse”, a contraction of “meta” – “beyond” in ancient Greek – and “universe”, is a universe that goes beyond the real world. A virtual, immersive and 3D world in which we can travel, interact, consume, invest… The experience is not new. In … Read more

4 questions to understand and decipher the NFT phenomenon

4 questions to understand and decipher the NFT phenomenon

The first text message sent should sell for between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars on December 20 at an auction at the Aguttes house in Neully-sur-Seine. Particularity: it will be sold in the form of NFT, a digital certificate of authenticity. But this sum seems almost insignificant next to the 2.9 million dollars paid for the … Read more

US Rep. Brad Sherman Questions Why SEC Didn’t Sue Crypto Exchanges That Traded XRP ZyCrypto

US Rep Brad Sherman Questions Why SEC Didnt Sue Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come under heavy criticism from a US lawmaker who questioned the reason for the financial regulator’s legal leniency towards major crypto exchanges that had transacted a dramatically large amount of XRP tokens, despite classifying the asset as a security. Advertising Brad Sherman wants SEC to focus more on … Read more