Ethereum Merge Dramatically Raise Stakefish’s Profile, But 25% Of Its Employees Left Anyway | Cryptocurrency

How To Buy Solana SOL Forbes Advisor UK

On the very day that the Ethereum merger dramatically increased the importance of validators in the blockchain ecosystem, one of the biggest – the stake – was in chaos. More than 25% of its workforce, according to people familiar with the matter, have been fired or resigned, including two high-level departures: chief strategy and operations … Read more

New FIFA NFT Boosts Algorand Raise

New FIFA NFT Boosts Algorand Raise

Cryptocurrencies remain on pause ahead of the Fed’s decision tomorrow. Bitcoin consolidates around $19,300, Ethereum holds around $1,350 per token. However, the price of the cryptocurrency Algorand, which is one of the sponsors of the upcoming global, has been rising over the past few days, bloody for cryptocurrency valuations: Algorand is a cryptocurrency that … Read more

Here’s why this new crypto managed to raise 14 million euros in presale

Heres why this new crypto managed to raise 14 million

Disclaimer: The “Industry Talk” section presents the views of those involved in the crypto industry and is not part of the editorial content of Although they were widely considered a joke when they first hit the market, meme coins have become a legitimate investment that can yield huge returns for savvy investors. While not … Read more

Bitcoin, Terra and Celsius collapses raise questions about crypto insurance – Reuters News in France and abroad

The crypto industry is cratering. Bitcoin prices are at their lowest since 2020; one platform banned users from withdrawing funds, and many of the biggest crypto companies, including Coinbase and BlockFi, announced layoffs. This disruption reflects the economic turmoil rippling through the entire market, but also serves as a stern warning to ordinary people who, … Read more

Cryptos: The difficulties of the Three Arrows Capital fund raise fears for the worst for the sector

The questioning of the solvency of this fund at 10 billion dollars added to the uncertainties on the Celsius lending platform raise fears of a devastating domino effect on the ecosystem of cryptoassets. The cryptocurrency winter is tough for many players. In the space of a few months, two billion in capitalization have gone up … Read more

Ukraine launches NFT museum to mark Russian invasion history and raise funds

Ukraine launches NFT museum to mark Russian invasion history and

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transition opened the Meta History Museum of War on Friday. A platform supplied every hour with illustrations by artists to retrace each stage of the conflict and buy, thanks to the sale of these digital works, military and civilian equipment. The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation launched its Meta History … Read more

NFT: Ukraine launches a “War Museum” collection to raise funds – L’Éclaireur Fnac

NFT Ukraine launches a War Museum collection to raise funds

Auctioned from March 30, this collection will support Ukraine in its war effort, but also fight against misinformation. Ukraine continues to bet on cryptocurrencies to finance its war effort. A few days after legalizing these digital assets, the country has just launched a collection of NFTs dubbed “Meta History: Museum of War”. Each token corresponds … Read more

Eye-Scanning Crypto Project Worldcoin Set to Raise $100 Million: Report

Eye Scanning Crypto Project Worldcoin Set to Raise 100 Million Report

Look good. That’s what iris-scan crypto project Worldcoin is probably saying after a report that it’s in the midst of a $100 million raise that will see its valuation rise to $3 billion. According to a report in Informationwhich cites unnamed sources, the round includes funding from venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures. … Read more

NFTs, Crypto Mortgages, 5G Network And Web3 Developers Raise Millions

NFTs Crypto Mortgages 5G Network And Web3 Developers Raise Millions

The cryptocurrency market hasn’t made significant progress in recent months, but that hasn’t stopped industry builders from building. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto mortgages, blockchain-powered cellular networks, and Web3 games have all attracted interest from venture capitalists. These new and familiar investment themes headline the latest edition of the VC Roundup, as venture capital funds continue … Read more