Ripple: After a downward trend, XRP is recovering – BeinCrypto

Ripple After a downward trend XRP is recovering BeinCrypto

Some pieces regain their composure when you don’t necessarily expect it. Ripple’s token appears to be one of these. A flash ascent When it comes to surprises, few prices can claim to be like XRP, which seems to jump from trend to trend. But while Ripple’s token had everything to crash, too, speculation decided otherwise. … Read more

Crypto: these 3 assets are recovering strongly after yesterday’s correction

In recent days, we have had proof that investing in cryptocurrencies is not so easy. Since the beginning of the year, the ecosystem has been under tension – as well as more traditional titles on new technologies (such as GAFA). Times are tough in the crypto world. Since the beginning of the year, the prices … Read more