Regulated and Unregulated Blockchains: What’s the Difference? – In question

1674223715 Regulated and Unregulated Blockchains Whats the Difference In question

The issue of regulation within the world of blockchain technology is not ready to be resolved. Despite the general decline in the cryptocurrency market throughout 2022, $3 billion worth of crypto assets were stolen by hackers throughout the year, the highest total ever for heists of digital assets. This apparent lack of security has shed … Read more

SEC Chairman Says Bitcoin Is A Commodity And Must Be Regulated By The CFTC. – Latest News

The chairman of the US SEC pointed out in an interview with CNBC that bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, is a commodity. Thus, it should be regulated by the CFTC. The latter is an independent US government agency that regulates US derivatives markets. SEC protects cryptographic tokens. The SEC Chairman added in his … Read more

WonderFi To Become The First Regulated Crypto Exchange In Canada To List On The TSX

WonderFi To Become The First Regulated Crypto Exchange In Canada

Breadcrumb Links PF Finance Cryptocurrency WonderFi listing comes at a time when market watchers say the sector is approaching a “crypto winter” WonderFi will be listed with the TSX:WNDR ticker on June 22. Photo by Postmedia Files Content of the article Vancouver-based WonderFi Technologies Inc. will soon become the first regulated cryptocurrency marketplace in Canada … Read more

Globally Regulated Crypto Derivatives Broker

Globally Regulated Crypto Derivatives Broker

The cryptocurrency derivatives market has become more popular than ever as traders find it more exciting and profitable than spot trading. However, with the regulatory status of the crypto industry still in troubled waters, several crypto derivatives exchanges available in the market are not properly licensed to provide such services to their traders. Eightcap aims … Read more

Opinion: Congress may be wrong: Crypto should be regulated like other financial assets – CNET

Opinion Congress may be wrong Crypto should be regulated like

Cryptocurrency has gone from niche interest to Super Bowl advertising, and Congress is now looking for ways to appropriately regulate these new assets. Congressional committees have held hearings to understand stablecoins, the environmental impacts of crypto mining, and the government’s role in market oversight. Several lawmakers have introduced legislation to bring crypto assets into the … Read more