Crypto: Visa promises bitcoin (BTC) rewards to Brazilians

Crypto Visa promises bitcoin BTC rewards to Brazilians

Thu August 25, 2022 ▪ 2:00 p.m. ▪ 4 min read – by Mikaia ANDRIAMAHAZOARIMANANA With approximately 440 million inhabitants, South America will never fail to attract investors. Brazil, which has 216 million, easily assumes the title of “cash cow” in the eyes of financial heavyweights like Visa. This is why this payment card specialist … Read more

Bad news for Axie Infinity players: the play to earn (P2E) revamps its crypto rewards system

Bad news for Axie Infinity players the play to earn

News hardware Bad news for Axie Infinity players: the play to earn (P2E) revamps its crypto rewards system Published on 08/18/2022 at 15:10 Although the cryptocurrency and NFT-based game has been booming in record time, lately Axie Infinity is facing tough times. In the midst of restructuring its gameplay, Sky Mavis has taken drastic measures … Read more

Crypto Mining: KadenaHashing (KH) Increases NFT Purchase Rewards

Crypto Mining KadenaHashing KH Increases NFT Purchase Rewards

Mon August 15, 2022 ▪ 2:00 p.m. ▪ 5 min read – by Mikaia ANDRIAMAHAZOARIMANANA After successfully launching its 15,000 HK NFTs, KadenaHashing announces the acquisition of crypto mining high performance, the KD Max. 20 miners, purchased at $11,000 each, are therefore added to the fleet of this extraction specialist on the Kadena (KDA) PoW … Read more

Binance And Mastercard Launch Bitcoin Rewards Card In Argentina

Binance And Mastercard Launch Bitcoin Rewards Card In Argentina

Binance and Mastercard have launched a prepaid rewards card in Argentina to help people spend crypto on everyday goods in a country where the local currency is suffering from one of the highest levels of inflation in the world . The card will allow users to buy things and pay bills with Bitcoin and other … Read more

Predict Crypto Markets And Earn Rewards With

Predict Crypto Markets And Earn Rewards With ROLAai

SINGAPORE CITY, SINGAPORE, Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When ROLA started developing their Web3 project, the first thing the team wanted to tackle was to create a platform that was not only community-driven, but also “community-centric”. The result of their efforts will soon go live as the app, the first community of crypto … Read more

More Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Tezos rewards says | Cryptocurrency

More Dogecoin Shiba Inu and Tezos rewards says Cryptocom removes Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and 13 other cryptocurrencies from its staking rewards program. The exchange announced the integration of Apple Pay to power cryptocurrency payments through the digital wallet service. Cronos price dropped as the exchange excluded Earn meme coins. has made significant changes to Crypto Earn, the product that allows users to … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Shiba Inu’s Ryoshi Vision Rewards Before June 29 | Cryptocurrency

Everything You Need To Know About Shiba Inus Ryoshi Vision

ShibaSwap DEX has shared an update on the Ryoshi Vision Rewards, announcing their distribution in the next 48-72 hours starting June 26. The Shiba Inu coin now ranks in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by trading volume among the top 500 whales in the Ethereum network. Analysts have predicted a breakout in the Shiba Inu price … Read more

AAX Exchange Will Share 1 Million USDT Rewards Through Fun ‘Crypto Summer’ Events

June 15, 2022 – Cryptocurrency exchange AAX is kicking off “Crypto Summer” with fun crypto trading events that aim to disperse the doom and gloom of the emerging “crypto winter” with the prospect of enticing rewards. The broader cryptocurrency market has been in freefall lately as the value of digital assets plummets amid fears of … Read more

Gorilix (SILVA) Vs Which Offers More Financial Rewards? – Tech Tribune France

Gorilix SILVA Vs Cryptocom Which Offers More Financial Rewards

Cryptocurrency users have been outraged since cut rewards by up to 90% about 5 weeks ago. The move saw the price of Cronos (CRO), its native token, plummet. However, there is a new player in town offering even more financial rewards. Gorilix DEFI offers the possibility of earning Gorilix tokens (SILVA) to save, loan … Read more

Here’s How New Crypto Regulations Affect In-Game Rewards

The advent of cryptos and blockchain has taken the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry to a whole new level. One of the main beneficiaries of blockchain technology is crypto gambling, especially play-to-win games. Gamers need digital assets such as digital goods, weapons, or wearable devices when playing crypto games purchased with cryptos. Game designers create transferable … Read more