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In a sluggish market, the payment of royalties on the NFT sales grinds his teeth. The Marketplace LooksRare decides to give it back optionalwaiving a default payment. In 2022, following the fall in cryptocurrency prices, NFT valuation and trading volume were plunging. This sector nevertheless remains lucrative for a certain number of players. The reason … Read more

NFT Royalties: Yuga Labs (BAYC) Leads the Dance with $140M – Coins.fr

NFT Royalties Yuga Labs BAYC Leads the Dance with 140M

Through the application of royalties on the sale of NFT Ethereumcompanies have generated $1.8 billion of receipts. 482 sets alone represent 80% death income. But this model is increasingly divisive. What is the business model of collection designers NFT like Yuga Labs with Bored Ape Yacht Club ? The royalties. With each sale, the company … Read more