Does Apple allow crypto scam apps in the App Store? US lawmakers want to know

Does Apple allow crypto scam apps in the App Store

Apple is under scrutiny for how its App Store testing process handles cryptocurrency and wallet trading app submissions. In a letter today to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee asked what “steps your company is taking to prevent fraudulent activity in your app store. “. … Read more

New crypto scam: this dApp allows scammers to create ERC-20 tokens in 2 minutes – BeinCrypto

New crypto scam this dApp allows scammers to create ERC 20

Crypto Scam: Token Generator, a dApp based on the SmartContracts Tools platform, allows scammers to create tokens in less than a minute. Token Generator is available on Ethereum, Binance SmartChain and Polygon. The tool allows its users to create tokens using smart contract technology. Token Generator: user manual First, the user must connect a wallet … Read more

World Cup Inu (WCI) Token: Is the WCI token a scam?

World Cup Inu WCI Token Is the WCI token a

Warningst: The “Industry Talk” section presents the views of cryptocurrency market participants and is not part of the editorial content of World Cup Inu (WCI), the token for football and meme enthusiasts has made its official launch on the Ethereum blockchain. 48 hours after its launch, this ERC-20 token has been adopted by nearly … Read more

How To Tell If A Crypto Project Is A Scam

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

Key points to remember Investors new to crypto are more susceptible to scams. Keeping abreast of the latest forms of fraud and manipulation is important to avoid financial loss. Following a set of simple due diligence routines will help users tell bad projects from legitimate ones. Phemex, a well-established cryptocurrency exchange, periodically reviews its listed … Read more

Dutch police have arrested the suspect in the Electrum wallet scam. – Latest News

Amiens SC launches digital cards in the form of NFT

Dutch police recently arrested a man suspected of laundering millions of euros using a malware related to Electrum. Dutch authorities have recently stepped up their crackdown on financial crimes related to cryptocurrencies. This latest arrest bears witness to the country’s surveillance effort. Focus on Dutch police arrest Dutch police announced the arrest of the criminal … Read more

Crypto Scam And Duped Investments Of Over $242 Million In Australia

Crypto Scam And Duped Investments Of Over 242 Million In

Since cryptocurrency has grown over the past few years, it has also become a favorite place for scammers and cybercriminals to plunder money. According to the latest estimates, Australia is recording significant losses indicating that crypto scams are on the rise in the state. According to statistics viewed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission … Read more

Cryptocurrency scam losses hit new high in Queensland as cost of living rises

Cryptocurrency scam losses hit new high in Queensland as cost.webp

Queenslanders have lost nearly $40 million to investment scams, including cryptocurrency scams this year – the highest loss ever in the state. Figures from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) from January 1 to August 28 show Queenslanders lost $38.6 million in investment scams. This time last year, Queenslanders were defrauded of just $19.8 … Read more

Avis Bitcoin Millionaire – Scam UK App Ou Legit Pro Club 2022? – Tech Tribune France

Philippines UnionBank launches crypto service through its mobile app

“Avis sur Bitcoin Millionaire” Est-ce que le club pro Bitcoin Millionaire examine lgit ou une autre application frauduleuse au Royaume-Uni? – Avec tant de choses dans le monde de la cryptographie, les gens trouvent de nouveaux moyens d’entrer dans l’industrie et d’essayer de trader pour gagner gros. Dans le cadre de ces progrès, plusieurs producteurs … Read more