Exchanges Struggle As Crypto Winter Sets In Following Sharp Price Drop

Cryptocurrencies that were the taste of the season until about last year saw a sudden drop on every matrix for exchanges – trading volumes, value and profitability – as a crypto winter sets in after a sharp decline in prices in recent months. The sudden shift in market sentiment from exuberance to fear has led … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): Risk of a sharp decline despite reaching its realized price

Bitcoin BTC Risk of a sharp decline despite reaching its

The cryptocurrency industry is in perpetual motion. Every day new crypto data emerges. Despite its integration into US financial markets, bitcoin (BTC) has still not regained its former glow. Although it has reached its “realized” price, analysts warn of steep downside risks. Bitcoin (BTC), can we hope for a return to normal? Stock markets have … Read more

Crypto Week At A Glance: New Tax Laws Lead To A Sharp Drop In Trading Volume

Crypto Week At A Glance New Tax Laws Lead To

By sydney The new cryptocurrency tax policy is now active and has led to a significant drop in trading volumes on major Indian crypto exchanges. Since the overall market is moving upwards, it is likely that activity has shifted to the gray market to avoid taxation. The pressure on the SEC is increasingMichael Sonnenshein, CEO … Read more