Avalanche Price Set To Rise To $30.00 If Traders Wake Up From A Deep Sleep | Cryptocurrency

Avalanche Price Set To Rise To 3000 If Traders Wake

Avalanche price is about to trigger a bullish move to $30.00, but first the bulls need to break through a descending channel resistance. Positive investor sentiment aligns with rising social volume to cement AVAX’s bullish outlook. In the wake of extremely oversold conditions, attention turns to the resistance levels at $20.00 and $24.00, respectively. Avalanche … Read more

NFT: ApeCoin DAO monkeys decide to stay on Ethereum – From boredom to sleep

NFT ApeCoin DAO monkeys decide to stay on Ethereum.webp

No monkey avalanche yet! – Decentralized Autonomous Organization, ApeCoin DAO, initiated a vote on May 2, 2022. The proposal was to whether ApeCoin (APE) should stay on the Ethereum blockchain. The DAO has also studied the possibility of a transition to an alternative layer 2 or to another blockchain. The holders of ApeCoin, through the … Read more

Farmers Fear Sam Bankman-Fried Crypto Exchange Could Cost Them Sleep

Sam Bankman-Fried traveled to Washington this week to advocate for the modernization of American financial services and ran into a problem. Some farmers in the country fear that the billionaire CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX is costing them sleep. Their bedtime concerns were voiced at an all-day meeting of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which … Read more

Earn cryptocurrencies while you sleep? 3 methods to generate passive income to discover – The ₿log

Earn cryptocurrencies while you sleep 3 methods to generate passive

Staking on major blockchains Risk: low Yield: between 3 and 6% per year Staking is a great way to get started in cryptocurrency. It is less risky than speculation or active trading. Many chains relying on the consensus mechanism Proof of Stake offer staking of their native tokens. They use validators that verify transactions and … Read more