Android: Solana (SOL) launches a smartphone and a development kit

Android Solana SOL launches a smartphone and a development kit

Solana Labs, the company behind the Solana blockchain, will launch a smart phone for managing digital assets on Android. At the same time, it will also set up a development platform to facilitate the creation of mobile decentralized applications (DApps). This is the very first framework android open-source intended for Web 3.0 development. Solana turns … Read more

Here is the 1st Android smartphone that allows you to pay in crypto and create NFTs

A crypto-smartphone has just been born. Designed by Osom and Solana, the phone makes it possible to make cryptocurrency payments and easily create NFTs. Solana Labs, the company behind the Solana cryptocurrency, has just announced the launch of its own Android smartphone. Called Saga, the phone was unveiled at a conference in New York. The … Read more

Solana goes mobile and unveils Saga, a smartphone dedicated to Web3

Solana goes mobile and unveils Saga a smartphone dedicated to

The blockchain in your pocket – Solana is a smart contract blockchain that was created in March 2020. Since then, it has won over users with an acute attention to detail, vis-à-vis the user experience. Now, it wants to slip into the pocket of all users by launching its subsidiary Solana Mobile. Solana Saga: the … Read more

Solana Labs Launches Mobile Platform, Unveils Android Smartphone

In short Solana Labs announced an Android-based software kit for developing Web3 mobile apps. The firm will also launch its own smartphone called Saga, which will be released in 2023. Solana Labs’ next big bet for Web3? Mobile applications and a matching smartphone. Today in New York, Solana Labs, which represents the founders and major … Read more

CMS pour les NFT, un Nft contre le smartphone Vertu, Hackathon GreenNFT – veille crypto

CMS pour les NFT un Nft contre le smartphone Vertu

Depuis le lancement du Bitcoin en 2008, la Crypto présente une quantité infinie d’espace blanc avec des opportunités de marché imaginables et inimaginables, souvent le mobile au centre de l’Art au Gaming. S2522 Kairos Art La mission de Kairos est de permettre une participation radicale et diversifiée au web3. Pour ce faire, ils ont créé … Read more

Galaxy S22: 3 things to try first on your new Samsung smartphone | NextPit

Galaxy S22 3 things to try first on your new scaled

You just bought a Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra, so you need to set up your new smartphone. In this tutorial, I show you 3 things to test, change or try first on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It’s not very complicated to configure your new Android smartphone. But with each manufacturer like Samsung, there … Read more