Xsolla annonce l’extension de sa solution NFT pour aider les partenaires de jeux vido vendre et crer des NFT sur les principales blockchains

Class dans : Science et technologie, Crypto-monnaiesSujets : Photo/Multimedia, Product/Service Xsolla, une socit internationale de commerce de jeux vido, annonce avoir procd une nouvelle mise jour de son offre de solutions NFT, afin de supprimer les obstacles au Web 3.0 qui freinent les utilisateurs. Grce aux nouvelles fonctionnalits, les partenaires peuvent permettre aux utilisateurs de … Read more

Swift offers a solution for using digital currencies internationally

Stablecoin Markets Shift as Binance Begins USDC Conversions

Financial messaging system Swift says it is ready to set up a global network of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Following two experiments conducted on different technologies and currencies, Swift ensures on October 5, 2022 to pave the way for the global use of CBDCs and digital tokens (or “tokens”). Experiments have successfully shown that … Read more

eShot Labs, the first BtoB solution for creating live video NFTs

eShot Labs the first BtoB solution for creating live video

Founded by two French people, the start-up is launching its offer for creating NFT videos in five clicks on September 20. It has already attracted a client and renowned investors. Soon a fashion week parade clip edited in NFT in real time? It is now possible with the solution announced on September 20 by eShot … Read more

Massive landslides: in the face of natural risks, “the solution is not to equip the mountain excessively”

Massive landslides in the face of natural risks the solution

The mountain experiences its share of rockfalls or other landslides every year, sometimes with dramatic outcomes. But should we give in to one-upmanship in terms of safety in these natural areas? The phenomena of landslides and landslides in the mountains have been particularly visible in recent years, whether in the media or on social networks. … Read more

UNest Launches First-of-its-Kind Cryptography Solution for Families

Vitalik Buterin is still destroying Bitcoin and giving it no

LOS ANGELES-(BUSINESS WIRE)–UNest, the leading family investing app that makes it easy for parents to build a better future for their children, today announced the launch of UNest Crypto, becoming the industry’s first all-in-one financial solution to offer to digitally active parents and children. In addition to the company’s existing line of managed wallets, parents … Read more

Garde crypto : il n’y a pas de solution parfaite pour tous, alors que choisir selon vos besoins ? – BeinCrypto France

Garde crypto il ny a pas de solution parfaite

La garde des crypto-monnaies est devenue un sujet majeur. Selon Adrian Pollard, cofondateur d’HollaEx, la façon dont nous conservons nos richesses, explique Adrian Pollard, cofondateur d’HollaEx. Il y a bien longtemps, les gens aimaient stocker leur richesse dans les matériaux les plus lourds et les plus durs – diamants, argent et or – et les … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): The best solution to deal with the crisis?

Bitcoin BTC The best solution to deal with the crisis

Bitcoin is a finite value of 21 million coins. This cryptocurrency could potentially become the new currency or the new exchange value, especially if the current economic system remains fragile. Bitcoin may soon replace today’s economic and monetary systems. It is this message that US Senator Cynthia Lummis would seem to share through her tweet. … Read more

Moonbird offers an unprecedented solution to one of the biggest problems of NFTs

Moonbird offers an unprecedented solution to one of the biggest

A 100% on-chain NFT – The communities linked to certain collections of NFT never stop making headlines. CryptoPunks, Bored Ape and now Moonbirds are representative examples of the sweet madness that has gripped fans of these unique pictures whose aesthetics are highly subjective. For those who cry scandal and pure speculation, know all the same … Read more

What is the REV3AL token, NFTs and digital copyright protection solution? | PortalCrypto

REV3AL technology is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeiting solution for artists, creators and intellectual property owners in digital and physical ecosystems. REV3AL leverages various blockchain features to deliver its new multi-layered authentication and anti-spoofing protocol. It allows any user (creator, collector or marketplace) to verify the authenticity and originality of their collection. REV3AL also … Read more