Theta (THETA): Collaboration with Sony for the launch of 3D NFTs

Theta THETA Collaboration with Sony for the launch of 3D

Spatial reality is a whole other level in the realm of metaverse and digital assets. Sony wants to provide the ability to view NFT tokens in 3D. For this, this conglomerate requested the partnership of Theta Labs for its launch. Sony’s collaboration with Theta Labs Sony wants to improve the experience of NFT and metaverse … Read more

Sony Partners With Theta Labs For 3D Visuals In The Metaverse TechRadar

Non-fungible tokens have received a lot of hype, and entertainment brands are looking for ways to use NFTs to create better visual engagement with their fans. NFTs are now moving to 3D, and Sony wants to be the company that takes these digital assets to the next level. Sony partners with Theta Labs Sony issued … Read more