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Lightning Labs on Wednesday released the first version of the Taro open-source software to enable the minting, sending, and receiving of assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. The alpha version of the Taro daemon allows developers to issue tokens on testnet, an alternative Bitcoin blockchain specifically designed for public testing. It allows developers to test applications … Read more

MiCA finalized and open to NFTs and algorithmic stablecoins – Coins.fr

MiCA finalized and open to NFTs and algorithmic stablecoins

the legislator endeavors to take into account the rapidly changing of the digital assets. Thereby, Mica should allow the regulators to frame theissuance of algorithmic stablecoins and some NFT. In early September, the rapporteur for the European digital asset regulation bill announced that Mica would be ready for October. The schedule outlined by Stefan Berger … Read more

United States: a possible two-year ban for algorithmic stablecoins

United States a possible two year ban for algorithmic stablecoins

Although the final version is still unclear, the stablecoin bill being prepared in the United States House of Representatives would place a two-year ban on algorithmic stablecoins, but also allow banking entities and non- banks to issue stablecoins. Source: AdobeStock/wladimir1804 According Bloomberg, the latest version of the bill would make it illegal to issue or … Read more

Pickle Finance: profitable farming for stablecoins?

Pickle Finance profitable farming for stablecoins

Updated 14 Sep. 2022 at 1h26 Pickle Finance wanted to create a DeFi protocol that generates high returns for its users, but is also easy to use. This is how the beginnings of the on-chain asset management protocol Pickle.Finance, commonly known as Pickle Finance, were born. This protocol offers farming which makes it possible to … Read more

Ahead of ‘Merge’, Here Are 5 Ethereum (ETH) Based Stablecoins to Watch

Revolut receives crypto approval from regulator Cyprus to operate across

In two days and 15 hours, Ethereum will transition from a proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism to an “eco-friendly” consensus mechanism, widely dubbed Ethereum Merge. The long-awaited merger is essential because the Ethereum blockchain powers many decentralized applications (Daaps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverses, games, and stablecoins. Additionally, all stablecoins need a blockchain network to perform their tasks. … Read more

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Today In Crypto DeBridge Attack Blamed On North Korea

Cryptocurrency is a confusing business with a language all its own, partly because it’s a genuinely new way of doing business and partly because it was created largely by programmers and cryptographers, who should never be allowed to name anything. use. Cryptocurrencies have many uses as an investment, as a currency of payment, as a … Read more

First Mover Asia: A Chinese alternative to dollar-based stablecoins? BTC remains above $20,000 | Cryptocurrency

The token is a version of Chinese currency designed for offshore use; other cryptos are mixed in light trade. Hello. Here is what happens: Price: Bitcoin holds over $20,000; other cryptos are mixed. Insights: China’s CNH token looks promising as an alternative to dollar-based stablecoins, but the challenges in expanding its use are enormous. Prices … Read more

What Are Stablecoins And Are They Less Risky? The Details Crypto Investors Should Know

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. Of bitcoins at dogcoin, these digital tokens do not behave the same way as conventional financial instruments like stocks and bonds, but their volatility is one of the reasons they remain attractive to crypto investors. Yes you could lose all your money when a coin or token sinks – or you … Read more

Crypto Zeitgeist Dominated By Stablecoins, Regulations Tech Tribune France

For an event on the future of money, mention of crypto was few and far between Many finance players are finding promise in blockchain but are not yet sure of the use cases Bigwigs dressed in button-up Wall Street suits representing the rails of traditional finance, from MasterCard to Visa, Stripe to JPMorgan, at the … Read more