Instagram Stories will get NFT tets with Spark AR

1656498520 Instagram Stories will get NFT tets with Spark AR

Humanity is slowly moving towards the web3 and currently, all the major internet players are offering NFTs and are gradually migrating to blockchains. Moreover, even Yves Saint Laurent has its own NFTs. Today, it’s the turn of Instagram, one of the flagship products of the great Meta. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that with Spark … Read more

Crypto Island: Podcast Explores Stories From The Wild World Of Cryptocurrency

Crypto Island This is the latest project from narrative podcast veteran PJ Vogt, who was one of the founding co-hosts of the popular Gimlet internet podcast, Reply All (if you’re not familiar with Reply All, please listen to The Case of Missing Hit and Long Distance games 1 and 2 immediately). Vogt left Reply All … Read more

The true power of bitcoin (BTC) in a collection of stories

The true power of bitcoin BTC in a collection of

Initially, cryptocurrencies and all their ecosystems, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), were of little interest to investors. As a result, the majority thought that cryptocurrencies, first and foremost bitcoin, were only made for millionaires. But, in view of the growth it is experiencing with the general public, the world is ready to accept the fact that … Read more