Here is the list of the top 10 tax havens for cryptocurrencies.

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First, he notes how Portugal, once considered Europe’s ultimate crypto tax haven for having zero taxation on cryptocurrencies, dropped off the list after a short-term 28% tax was announced. on the gains of investing in digital currencies. Additionally, the Portuguese government plans to levy a 4% tax on peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers. So M6 Labs says … Read more

Apple – Hide this NFT I can’t tax! – CryptoNews

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

There is a sort of invisible boundary between Web2 companies and the new Internet version Web3 developing. And even if it is sometimes difficult to identify, it is nevertheless a question of deep incompatibilities almost impossible to resolve. A reality of which the best example is undoubtedly the current confrontation between the NFTs market and … Read more

What Investors Need to Know About the Latest Crypto Tax Reporting Rules – Reuters

What Investors Need to Know About the Latest Crypto

Jose Luis Pelaez | Getty Images The IRS shares more details on how to report digital assets for the 2022 tax filing year, according to draft instructions. Since 2019, there has been a yes or no question about “virtual currency” on tax returns, requiring filers to tick a box to disclose their taxable crypto activity. … Read more

NFT: simple digital assets in the USA – The tax authorities provide an update

NFT simple digital assets in the USA The

NFTs fall into line – So it goes taxation like regulation. Each year brings its share of novelties and changes in the consideration of cryptocurrencies. From one country to another, Bitcoin (BTC), stablecoins or even NFT are not subject to the same obligations. Of the’Germany to United States, each government is dealing with this new … Read more

“Blockchain, Machine Learning: solutions against tax evasion?”

Two regulatory heavyweights join the ranks of Binance and FTX

The fight against tax fraud, and in particular the fight against VAT fraud, is now one of the priorities of the French government, as pointed out by Gabriel Attal, the Minister for Action and Public Accounts. From the outset, it is important to remember that the maze of tax evasion does not date from today. … Read more

News LUNC: burn triggered and CZ against the burn tax in off-chain (for the moment?) – BeinCrypto International

News LUNC burn triggered and CZ against the burn

While the LUNC burn was highly anticipated and has been a fulcrum for recent token-related hype, what are the early results? In parallel, this Friday morning, CZ affirmed that Binance would not apply the off-chain burn tax (Spot trading in particular). Difficult beginnings for LUNC’s burn Scheduled for September 21, the start of the LUNC … Read more

LUNC: Annoyed community approves vote to implement burn tax off-chain – BeinCrypto

LUNC Annoyed community approves vote to implement burn tax off chain

While the foot calls have not ceased from the LUNC community, it has accepted a new proposal related to the burn tax to reiterate to the exchanges the desire for off-chain implementation of the tax. As a reminder, according to the proposal currently in force for the Terra Classic ecosystem (LUC), the burn tax is … Read more

LUNC: exchanges only partially support the burn tax – BeinCrypto International

LUNC exchanges only partially support the burn tax BeinCrypto.webp

After announcements by MEXC,, Binance and Kucoin, Kraken has just announced its support for the on-chain application of the burn tax linked to LUNC. The hopes of the LUNC community still showered While a few days ago speculation was rife on the evolution of the price of the LUNC token, with holders who were … Read more

CIOs faced with new tax regulations on CTCs.

CIOs faced with new tax regulations on CTCs

Constraint, risk or opportunity, the consequences for companies of mandatory electronic invoicing and reporting – and therefore of the new CTC regulations – depend above all on the degree of anticipation of IT departments. By Jean-Cyril Schütterlé, CTC Product Management Director at Sovos IT spending is on the rise again. After a lull during the … Read more