Team Finance hack: a nice booty of $15.8 million thanks to a minimal stake

Team Finance hack a nice booty of 158 million thanks

A new flaw exploited in DeFi – The decentralized finance (DeFi) is a growing ecosystem. Nevertheless, this ecosystem is plagued by hacks. A new platform has just found out the hard way. In effect, TeamFinance was the target of a hack that resulted in the loss of $15.8 million. Team Finance in the club of … Read more

Asic Strengthens Its Cryptocurrency Team And Seeks To Regulate More Digital Assets | Cryptocurrencies – Tech Tribune France

How To Buy Solana SOL Forbes Advisor UK

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has bolstered its cryptocurrency team as it seeks to regulate more digital assets by classifying them as financial products, a move that would make it harder to sell them to Australians. Asic has yet to decide whether to classify Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin, as a … Read more

Fidelity, Citadel And Charles Schwab Team Up To Launch EDXM Crypto Exchange This Year End

Fidelity Citadel And Charles Schwab Team Up To Launch EDXM

A group of American financial services and related companies, including Charles Schwab, Loyalty digital assetsSequoia Capital, Citadel Securities, and others have joined forces to launch a cryptocurrency exchange later this year. It will be called EDX Markets (EDXM), and Jamil Nazarali, former global head of business development, Citadel Securities, will serve as its CEO, EDX … Read more

Cryptocurrency: “Elrond has the same growth potential as ETH with a very experienced development team.” – Mag Mirror

Zompot ZPOT Solana SOL and Tron TRX Top 3

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Elrond is a distributed network-based decentralized application development and hosting (Dapp) platform with an emphasis on scalability and low transaction costs. Elrond is therefore a competitor of more popular blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. Course of Elrond (EGLD): what is the current price? Here is Elrond’s live course. The essentials … Read more

Binance And TripleA Team Up For Crypto Payments Solution

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is working with Singapore-based TripleA as the latest cryptocurrency payment gateway for Binance Pay. With TripleA, sellers can accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and more with easy setup and instant confirmation. This means merchants don’t have to worry about price fluctuations or chargebacks and can get their money … Read more

NFT: Animoca Brands and Square Enix team up to conquer the metaverse

NFT Animoca Brands and Square Enix team up to conquer

The great maneuvers in the 10ᵉ art – The field of video games has been booming for several years. Mobile games, virtual reality, metaverse, play-to-earn, NFT or Web3, all these concepts have revolutionized a practice that no longer only concerns a few teenagers in their room. Millions of dollars are pouring in, companies are sharpening … Read more

The Avalanche (AVAX) team explains why Subnets are better than other scaling solutions

The Avalanche AVAX team explains why Subnets are better than

Several blockchains have made a name for themselves within the industry by promoting the scaling solutions they have developed. A battle has thus arisen between them to know which has developed the most effective solution in order to compete in the long term with Ethereum. Participating in this battle, Avalanche introduced its mechanism of Subnets … Read more

The “great experience” of Team Hexagone p/b Saris – News – DirectVelo

Team Hexagone p/b Saris was beaten by stronger. Last Wednesday, the French team, managed by Romain Malbreil (read here) and composed of Pierre Almeida, Tony Lemler, Corentin Navarro, Calum O’Conor and Julien Souton, lost in the final of the Zwift Knockouts, a global e-sport event, against the Toyota CYRO RDT. Withdrawn from the amateur pelotons … Read more

Apple, Google and Microsoft team up to kill your passwords faster

Apple Google and Microsoft team up to kill your passwords

To accelerate the emergence of a world without passwords, Apple, Google and Microsoft decide to act together. New features to improve the interoperability and usability of authentication devices are coming. The future will undoubtedly be passwordless. In any case, it is in this direction that the big tech companies intend to go. This Thursday, May … Read more