NFT and Twitter – Will we be able to buy tokens on the platform? – The ₿log

NFT and Twitter Will we be able to buy

Still in testing, NFT Tweet Tiles consist of a dedicated panel in tweets where NFTs can be displayed. Users, through this panel, will be able to access the marketplace where a particular NFT is listed using a button in the panel. Now testing: NFT Tweet Tiles 🚀 Some links to NFTs on @rarible, @MagicEden, @dapperlabs … Read more

Crypto-friendly bank Seba launches secure custody service for non-fungible tokens (NFT) – Bitcoin Crypto Advice

Crypto friendly bank Seba launches secure custody service for non fungible tokens

After launching a staking service Ethereum (ETH) for its institutional clients, the crypto-friendly bank Seba announces the arrival of a secure custody service for non-fungible tokens (NFT). Aware that many individuals or professionals are afraid of being steal their valuable NFTs, some of which can be worth millions of dollars, the bank wants to offer … Read more

New crypto scam: this dApp allows scammers to create ERC-20 tokens in 2 minutes – BeinCrypto

New crypto scam this dApp allows scammers to create ERC 20

Crypto Scam: Token Generator, a dApp based on the SmartContracts Tools platform, allows scammers to create tokens in less than a minute. Token Generator is available on Ethereum, Binance SmartChain and Polygon. The tool allows its users to create tokens using smart contract technology. Token Generator: user manual First, the user must connect a wallet … Read more

LUNC: with 22 billion tokens burned, what next for the project? – BeinCrypto France

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

The project MON has burned a large amount of tokens since the implementation of its burn tax, and intends not to stop there. Token burn explodes for LUNC The LUNC project is actively maintained by members of its community, with the burn tax as the cement of all initiatives. Recently, the holders of the token … Read more

C2 Montreal in defense of non-fungible tokens (NFT)

C2 Montreal in defense of non fungible tokens NFT

Avery Akkineni, President of Vayner 3 October 24, 2022 For the general public, non-fungible tokens (or “non-fungible token– NFT) continues to be a still-fuzzy concept, laughed at by late-night show hosts (see Stephen Drops An AFT That Explains The NFT Craze). At C2 Montreal, the perception is the exact opposite. A general curiosity and enthusiasm … Read more

Anonymous Crypto: In the Face of Censorship and Surveillance, Tokens Regain Success – BeinCrypto

Two regulatory heavyweights join the ranks of Binance and FTX

Crypto anonymous restores its image and regains color following the evolution of the concerns of the industry. Anonymous crypto back in fashion? As cryptocurrency regulation and surveillance intensifies around the world, especially in the United States following the Ripple lawsuit and to pinning from FTX, holders of digital currencies are looking for a way to … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) enter the Guinness World Records

Bitcoin BTC and non fungible tokens NFT enter the Guinness World

For its 2023 edition, the Guinness World Records welcomes Bitcoin (BTC) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) under a new category called “Cryptomania”. The emblematic book of records thus retraces the history of Bitcoin and explains its various mechanisms while presenting the key events of the ecosystem, a new marker of the general public’s interest in these … Read more

True-false tokens: Elan Béarnais supporters fooled by an American fund

True false tokens Elan Bearnais supporters fooled by an American fund

In the spring of 2022, 500 basketball enthusiasts bought tokens to become shareholders of their favorite club. Without news of their chips, the dream turns to disillusion. This Wednesday, September 28, 2022, Jérôme Tapie connects to the Counterpointe Sports Group interface to confirm the information: “No trace of my tokens”. This YouTuber and speaker of … Read more

Meme tokens like Big Eyes Coin, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin are here to light up the dark winter of crypto. – Mag Mirror

1662829344 Big Eyes Coin Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Could Generate Massive

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn If you haven’t been living under the rock for the past year, you probably know that the crypto market is going through a tough time, to say the least. What looked like a late summer recovery phase turned out to be another correction, where most of the community was rooting … Read more

Crypto: How do social tokens get started?

Crypto How do social tokens get started

Blockchain technology, thanks to Bitcoin, has made it possible to democratize the disintermediation of exchanges. Several innovations in terms of cryptocurrencies have appeared. Halfway between DeFi and NFTs, Social Tokens or social tokens in French redefine the codes of marketing in the way of interacting with communities. What exactly is a Social Token? A Social … Read more