Coinigy Launches Crypto Screener Tool For Spot, DeFi And Derivatives

Coinigy Launches Crypto Screener Tool For Spot DeFi And Derivatives

“Traders can tap into a vast dataset spanning the entire crypto ecosystem, spanning nearly a decade, to identify opportunities and act quickly. It is an essential tool for all active and professional traders, including day traders. Coinigy has announced the launch of its new Crypto Screener tool, providing powerful analytics with access to years of … Read more

How to measure the rarity of your NFT? A tool helps you answer this question – BeinCrypto UK

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

Not all non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the same. Some have unique characteristics that are not commonly shared. Sometimes collectors stumble upon these nuggets and want their value to reflect that. However, it can be difficult to distinguish rare tokens from regular tokens. Now, that said, ranking non-fungible tokens has become easier on OpenSea with the … Read more

Crypto: hackers exploited a flaw in an Ethereum tool to steal $160 million

Crypto hackers exploited a flaw in an Ethereum tool to

wintermutea “market maker” or cryptocurrency market maker, was the victim of a large-scale hack. In a message posted on Twitter on September 20, 2022, Evgeny Gaevoy, CEO of the London-based company, announced the disappearance of $160 million of crypto-assets. We’ve been hacked for about $160M in our defi operations. Cefi and OTC operations are not … Read more

p-Chip Corporation launches first-of-its-kind p-Chip code tracking tool to revolutionize QR code security

p Chip Corporation launches first of its kind p Chip code tracking tool to revolutionize

CHICAGO, September 16, 2022 /CNW/ – p-Chip Corporation, a company revolutionizing the tracking of physical products and materials with its advanced microtransponder technology, today launched its newest innovation, the p-Chip Code secure tracking tag. ™. The p-Chip Code Tracking Tool combines a silicon-based p-Chip® microtransponder and a standard 2D matrix code to create hypersecure QR … Read more

LibDogecoin: a new tool to bring developers to DogeCoin

LibDogecoin a new tool to bring developers to DogeCoin

DOGE evolves – At the start of 2021, against all odds, the DogeCoin (DOGE) has seen a dramatic increase. In the space of a few months, this cryptocurrency, initially created as a joke, saw its price multiplied by 100. A highlight which subsequently relaunched integrations and developments relating to Dogecoin. LibDogecoin: towards a better integration … Read more

Cryptocurrency: A “perfect” and “evolving” tool for laundering money

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly evolving technology, and due to its recent appearance on the market, authorities have not yet developed adequate expertise to investigate crimes using it. Which makes it a very interesting tool for organized crimesays the report. Report Shows Cryptocurrency is the Next Battle in the War on Money Launderingobserves Daromir Rudnyckyj, professor … Read more

Crypto Apps – A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

Crypto Apps A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

People who have decided to try their hand at investing have one main goal: to increase their income. Trading requires constant analysis and monitoring, which is why stock market players should track all their trades in order to improve results and catch errors. If a client does not use additional tools, trading will be haphazard … Read more

Episode 12: Web 3.0, a tool for perfect information transparency?

As a reminder, a public blockchain, such as Bitcoin, allows continuous, complete and publicly accessible recording of all transactions on the network. It also allows members to verify the value of past transactions, to verify the accuracy of updates under the proof-of-work consensus mechanism, and to determine whether the interacting parties possess legitimate property to … Read more

The metaverse “will grow when the tool locks the user in less”

The metaverse will grow when the tool locks the user

The metaverse is intended to become a series of interconnected virtual worlds, “a collection of galaxies” where a digital version of ourselves will be able to move freely while keeping our luggage, explains Laurent Chrétien, the general manager of the Laval Virtual show which opens this Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The metaverse has become the … Read more

Casino is testing NFTs as a customer loyalty tool for its Club Leader Price

1649783364 Casino is testing NFTs as a customer loyalty tool for

Casino will offer NFT digital items to Club leader Price customers. These NFTs will take the form of small playful characters and will allow customers to access exclusive promotions. Avatars representing distribution professions Club Leader Price unveiled on Thursday April 7 the NFTs it will offer to its most loyal customers. They take the form … Read more