The blockchain must evolve to be competitive. Here is the technological track of a major player in the field

The blockchain must evolve to be competitive Here is the

Many industrial, economic or societal sectors, such as banking, logistics, agri-food or health, see blockchain as a major innovation for securing and streamlining their digital transactions. Sometimes described as revolutionary, this technology, initiated by Bitcoin in 2008, often remains misunderstood and subject to justified doubts as to its mastery, in particular its economic and environmental … Read more

What mechanism is used to track cryptocurrency transactions?

When trying to understand how the Blockchain works, it helps to think of it as a database of all the addresses that currently hold bitcoin balances in each other’s hands. Since it is shared, this list is defined using Digital Distributed Ledger Technology, a type of Blockchain (DLT). You can see your account balance listed … Read more

What is Bitcoin Whale Watching and How to Track Bitcoin Whales? – Tech Tribune France

What is Bitcoin Whale Watching and How to Track Bitcoin

Whales are held responsible for sudden price swings in the crypto and traditional markets from time to time. Given their ability to manipulate market prices, it becomes paramount for general Bitcoin (BTC) investors to understand the nuances that make a whale and their overall impact on trading. Wallet addresses containing large amounts of BTC are … Read more

Singapore Regulator: Crypto ‘Is On The Right Track’

Hope For Regs Centralized Crypto

Sopnendu Mohanty, FinTech director at the Singapore regulator, praises the leadership of some big crypto firms – saying several leaders like Binance and are “fully committed” to building a sustainable system to fix the problems, Bloomberg reported on Saturday 25 June. . In a post on LinkedIn, he said the CEOs of these companies … Read more

Russian Banks Must Track Crypto-Related Transactions Despite Exchange Restrictions BlockBlog

Russian Banks Must Track Crypto Related Transactions Despite Exchange Restrictions BlockBlog

The Bank of Russia has recommended that commercial banks pay increased attention to their clients’ transactions related to cryptocurrencies. The regulator requires financial institutions to monitor such activity amid restrictions on foreign exchange trading amid Western sanctions. Monetary authority urges banks to control spending on crypto assets The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has informed … Read more