MiCA caps non-euro stablecoin transactions

MiCA caps non euro stablecoin transactions

Sat 01 Oct 2022 ▪ 6:00 p.m. ▪ 4 min read – by Cédrick Aimé GUELANG OFALABEN The adoption of the regulatory framework for cryptographic asset markets (MiCA) is still pending, but there are already some hiccups. The standard supposed to establish fairly clear crypto rules in the European Union (EU) has just reinstated a … Read more

Crypto, NFT, anti-money laundering, transactions via avatars, markets… Who will regulate the metaverse?

Revolut receives crypto approval from regulator Cyprus to operate across

The metaverse is starting to spill a lot of ink. In these virtual universes, the concept of crypto-assets and NFTs is the subject of great interest and has an important role to play. Financial institutions are settling there. But what regulations will they have to comply with? The question then arises as to whether the … Read more

Setchain multiplies the number of transactions per minute on any blockchain. – Benin News

How To Buy Solana SOL Forbes Advisor UK

PARIS, 26 Sep. (Benin News / EP) – IMDEA Software and IMDEA Networks presented set chaina new data structure that improves the scalability of the application. blockchainsallowing more transactions per block and addressing the front-running problem. Modern blockchains have the figure of smart contracts, programs that describe the functionality of transactions. Thanks to them, people … Read more

What mechanism is used to track cryptocurrency transactions?

When trying to understand how the Blockchain works, it helps to think of it as a database of all the addresses that currently hold bitcoin balances in each other’s hands. Since it is shared, this list is defined using Digital Distributed Ledger Technology, a type of Blockchain (DLT). You can see your account balance listed … Read more

“Do you accept Cryptography?” – Demystifying Cryptocurrency In Yacht Transactions

Philippines UnionBank launches crypto service through its mobile app

A webinar hosted by Shoosmiths in conjunction with Asset Reality. Introductory survey According to a recent survey, what percentage of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrency? – Advertising – According to a recent study conducted by CNBC, 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrency, with more than half having at least 50% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. Answers … Read more

South Korea Tracked $1 Billion in Fraudulent Crypto Transactions This Year

South Korea Tracked 1 Billion in Fraudulent Crypto Transactions This

– Advertising – Source: Daniel Bernard/Unsplash A staggering $1 billion in fraudulent crypto-related transactions was identified in South Korea in the first half of 2022, according to new data. According to Asia Kyungjae, the figures were compiled by the Korea Customs Service and made public by legislator Kang Byung-won. The data records all crypto-related transactions … Read more

South Korea Identifies Over $1 Billion In Fraudulent Crypto-Related Transactions In 2022 By DailyCoin

South Korea Identifies Over 1 Billion In Fraudulent Crypto Related Transactions

South Korea Identifies Over $1 Billion in Fraudulent Crypto-Related Transactions in 2022 Recent data submitted by the Korean Customs Service shed light that in the first half of 2022, the amount of foreign exchange fraud captured was around 1.5 trillion won, or more than $1 billion. According to local media Asia Kyungjae, the amount of … Read more

The number of NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain as well as the volume of transactions increased significantly in just a few days

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

NFTs on the Solana (SOL) blockchain are seeing renewed activity despite an overall unstable NFT market. The Block Research data dashboard indicates that the number of new NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain has increased by 700%. According to the dashboard, the volume of NFTs minted on Solana increased from 39,000 recorded on September 4 … Read more

Google Cloud Will Validate Transactions On Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network

The blockchain a remedy for the scourge of fake show

In short Google Cloud has agreed to run a validator node on the Ronin Network, a gaming-centric Ethereum sidechain. Ronin was attacked in March in one of the biggest DeFi heists of all time. About 10% of the funds have been recovered so far. As Axie Infinity Sky creator Mavis is working to further decentralize … Read more

NFT Ethereum Transactions Drop Below 1 Million, Suggesting Bearish Sentiment – BeinCrypto

Tout ce quil faut savoir sur la merge

The total number of Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) transactions hit a fresh all-time low in August, driven by waning interest in digital collectibles projects hosted within its ecosystem. Ethereum NFTs continue to dominate the digital art industry. That said, the blockchain has seen a dip in activity when it comes to total NFT transactions over … Read more