Bitcoin in the Central African Republic: five questions to better understand – Jeune Afrique

1 – Why now and what for? Financially, all possibilities of aid for the Central African funds have been blocked for nearly ten years. At the end of July 2021, the United Nations Security Council extended by one year the arms embargo imposed since 2013 on the Central African Republic as well as the travel … Read more

Ethereum Name Service (ENS): understand everything about the decentralized Web3 and blockchain platform

Ethereum Name Service ENS understand everything about the decentralized Web3

The Ethereum Naming Service, or ENS, is the equivalent of DNS for the blockchain, and for Web3. It is especially one of the most popular services on the Internet for a few weeks. On April 28, 2022, something unexpected happened in the world of NFTs: the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, the most prized collection … Read more

We must understand the major societal impact of the blockchain

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the WEB, wanted it to be “universal, free, free and transparent”. 28 years later Tim Berners-Lee, himself, concedes that the technology has not “realized its full potential” limited by three factors: misinformation, targeted advertising (commercial and political) and the opaque domination of algorithms who misuse personal data. Google and Facebook … Read more

Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: understand everything about Web 3.0.

Blockchain crypto NFT metaverse understand everything about Web 30

Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: understand everything about Web 3.0. Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse, token economy: you must have already heard of them but behind the buzzwords, do you really know what it is really about? During the second day of Ready For IT, Fabien Aufrechter, Director, Havas Sovereign Technologies started from scratch to introduce decentralized … Read more

UNDERSTAND IT ALL – What is a fork in cryptocurrencies?

The vote on the future of the Terra blockchain brought the concept of forking to light. Where does this concept come from? What is it in the universe of blockchain and cryptocurrencies? The vote on the “fork” proposal of the Terra blockchain, by its founder Do Kwon, highlighted the concept of fork, ie a modification … Read more

Understand everything at Multi-device FIDO, this standard designed to finally kill passwords

Understand everything at Multi device FIDO this standard designed to finally

It’s been years that everyone wants to kill him, but no one succeeds. Ever since computers have existed, the password has poisoned our daily lives. You have to make it complex without forgetting it, manage it in dedicated software, change it regularly, be careful not to pass it on to anyone, etc. In 2018, the … Read more

Influencers to follow to understand everything about cryptos

Influencers to follow to understand everything about cryptos

To review the basics Hasheur, the essential French on cryptos YouTube 559k subscribers, Twitter 317k subscribers, TikTok 165k subscribers DR The path of Hasheur, whose real name is Owen Simonin, commands respect: at only 14 years old, the teenager founded a Minecraft server… and managed an entire team from his bedroom. Now 25, Owen has … Read more

In the end, what is the purpose of cryptocurrency? Our clear answers to understand everything

In the end what is the purpose of cryptocurrency Our

You may have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ve also probably heard that people are making thousands, if not millions, of dollars by “investing” in cryptocurrencies. But what is it? Or, better yet, what is the point of cryptocurrencies? The main purpose of cryptocurrencies is to solve the problems of traditional currencies by putting power … Read more

4 questions to understand the fall of the “Luna” and “Terra UST” cryptocurrencies

It would be one of the biggest crashes in cryptocurrency! “Luna” which is part of the world’s Top10 cryptocurrencies collapsed in just two weeks and would be announced as almost dead. The entire blockchain called “Terra “UST” was affected by this rapid and violent fall. This Friday, May 13, in the morning, the blockchain Terra … Read more