ANKR: After the 20 trillion crypto hack, peanuts for the victims

ANKR After the 20 trillion crypto hack peanuts for the

The victims step up – On December 2, the protocol Ankr was the victim of a offensive of scale. Now, a group of aggrieved users are turning against the protocol following disputes over reimbursement. Ankr hack: 6 million dollars stolen On December 2, 2022, the BNB Chain blockchain was shaken by the resounding hack of … Read more

What Next For French Victims Of FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Collapse? – Tech Tribune France

What Next For French Victims Of FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Collapse

The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has had repercussions around the world, with more than a million customers losing money overnight. In France, some 50,000 to 60,000 people have been affected. As they look for legal solutions to recover their money, will the victims continue to invest in cryptocurrency? Like hundreds of thousands of FTX … Read more

Mailchimp suffers data leak; Yuga Labs is one of the victims!

Mailchimp suffers data leak Yuga Labs is one of the

Mailchimp has announced that it suffered a hack that compromised the accounts of several customers, including Yuga Labs. The Mailchimp messaging platform recently suffered a data breach that affected several accounts, including those of Yuga Labs. The company behind Bored Ape Yacht ClubMeebits and CryptoPunkshowever, states that users’ NFTs are safe. Yuga Labs reassures its … Read more

NFT: CryptoZoo accused of scam – $ 1.5 million worth of ETH to reimburse its victims

1673953071 NFT CryptoZoo accused of scam 15 million worth

Hustle and bustle in the CryptoZoo – Logan Paulan American YouTuber well known for his crazy videos, finds himself once again in turmoil. More famous for his wrestling matches and his purchases of Pokémon cards worth more than 1 million dollars, he is less famous for his NFT collections. However, the latest CryptoZoosuddenly finds himself … Read more

The obstacle course for these victims who are struggling to return home to La Roya

“SIf we have the bridge for Christmas, we’ll have to put a big red bow on it!” Roselyne Nicosia still wants to believe it… without daring to really believe it. Two years ago, during storm Alex, the raging waters of the Lavina, the river on the banks of which Roselyne and Salvatore live, in Breil-sur-Roya, … Read more

Victims of the bear market – Tech Tribune France

Victims of the bear market Tech Tribune France

Crypto-billionaires are becoming a rare breed. When Vitalik Buterin revealed he was no longer a billionaire in May, the Ethereum co-founder spoke on behalf of many cryptocurrency ultra-rich. A number of the wealthiest founders lost billions of dollars in net worth to the bear market of 2022, or “crypto winter.” According to Forbes, the number … Read more

Axie Infinity Developer Will Compensate Victims

Axie Infinity Developer Will Compensate Victims

Hackers managed to exploit a vulnerability in the validation node This hack allowed them to take 173,600 ETH and around $25.5 million in USDC from the Ronin Bridge The total loss amounted to $625 million The crypto industry in general is still considered to be in its infancy, although more established projects are beginning to … Read more

90% of NFT holders have already been victims of a scam – CryptoActu

90 of NFT holders have already been victims of a

The NFTs market has gone from shadow to light in the space of a year. To the point of displaying volumes which are now counted in billions of dollars. An explosion at the origin of real success for certain collections that have become emblematic. But one of the direct consequences of which is also the … Read more

Mt. Gox – Commemorative NFT distributed to victims of its historic hack – CryptoActu

1648623421 Mt Gox Commemorative NFT distributed to victims of its

NFTs have gone in the space of just over a year from simple, intimate collectibles to veritable social and cultural phenomena. To the point of insinuating itself into many areas to upset the functioning and the internal economy. But also to become a kind of digital corporate gift for sometimes skeptical users. But it doesn’t … Read more