Virtual land prices are collapsing in the metaverse – Geeko

Virtual land prices are collapsing in the metaverse Geeko

Last May, the virtual real estate market was booming. Between December 2019 and January 2022, prices had multiplied by 300. But for the past few months, things have been plummeting and metaverses are experiencing a real real estate crisis. In metaverse, average virtual land prices have fallen by more than 80%. And this, while the … Read more

CURRICK Exchange Offers Virtual Currency Exchange Service

CURRICK Exchange Offers Virtual Currency Exchange Service

GuangZhou, China, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On June 16, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said inflation had risen unexpectedly since the Federal Reserve meeting in May; in response, the Fed decided to raise interest rates sharply, which will help stabilize long-term inflation expectations; over the next few months, the Fed will be looking … Read more

Web3, blockchain, virtual reality… 5 questions to find your way around

Since October 28, 2021 and renaming facebook to meta, the metaverse is on everyone’s lips. A concept with still porous borders, it is one of the elements of the ongoing technological and economic revolution. What is the metaverse? The metaverse (from English “metaverse”) is a term that first appeared in the writings of American author … Read more

Meet ANA, the amazing virtual studio influencer behind PUBG

The studio behind the video game PUBG has just announced ANA, a virtual influencer designed for web 3.0. Developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, this surprising “virtual human” will soon release its first song. Kraftonthe South Korean development studio behind the game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)has just lifted the veil on a “virtual human”. Baptized “ANA”, … Read more

Metavers: how to protect your brand in this new virtual space

Acquisition of land, sale of products and services…, the possibilities in the metaverse are multiple for brands. But by offering an immersive experience to their consumers, large retailers are sometimes confronted with virtual counterfeiting or abuse of intellectual property. The case of the Aura Blockchain consortium To guard against this, one of the levers exploited … Read more

Metaverse: after the crypto crash, virtual worlds are also on life support – BeinCrypto

Metaverse after the crypto crash virtual worlds are also on.webp

The metaverse seemed to know no crisis. Following the fall of digital currencies, virtual worlds have continued to attract people, but without keeping their heads above water. A successful market… or almost The crypto crash has forced investors to turn to less risky projects, and above all less subject to the vagaries of the economy. … Read more

The Vatican launches into NFTs and virtual reality

The Vatican announced some surprising news last week A non-fungible token or Non-fungible token is an indivisible crypto-asset, it is considered as a certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership on a blockchain. What is a non-fungible token or NFT? A non-fungible token or Non-fungible token is an indivisible crypto-asset, it is considered as a … Read more

Dubai Virtual Assets Regulator Launches Sandbox-Based Metaverse Siege

Dubai is striving to become friendlier to the digital asset and blockchain industry. In a further effort to achieve this, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai has launched a virtual headquarters in the metaverse. VARA said in a Press release that it is launching VARA MetaHQ, a sandboxed virtual desktop, a 3D virtual … Read more

Falling virtual land market: is it a good time to buy? – BeinCrypto France

Falling virtual land market is it a good time to

Metaverse virtual land prices have continued to drop for several weeks. But is it really the right time to buy? On Otherside, the most popular metaverse project right now, virtual land prices have plummeted by 15%. Likewise, land prices for some of the biggest metaverse projects are seeing a drop. These include projects such as … Read more