Napster introduces the new Web3 music ecosystem

With its new app, launched in early June, the global music and technology streaming platform released its first Web3 litepaper Napster previously announced its acquisition by a consortium led by Hivemind and Algorand, to expand its existing robust business with blockchain. The new $NAPSTER token will strengthen relationships between music creators, rights holders and fans … Read more

P2E.Game lance une plateforme Web3 qui intgre SocialFi, GameFi et NFT

Xago une Crypto Fintech innovante basee en Afrique du Sud

Class dans : Science et technologie, Crypto-monnaiesSujets : Photo/Multimedia, Product/Service Dbut 2022, P2E.Game a t lanc par un groupe de passionns de jeux bass sur la blockchain et de collectionneurs NFT et a introduit un agrgateur d’informations GameFi et NFT cl en main. Aprs six mois, P2E.Game est officiellement lanc avec quatre sections, Launchpad, Game … Read more

Solana goes mobile and unveils Saga, a smartphone dedicated to Web3

Solana goes mobile and unveils Saga a smartphone dedicated to

The blockchain in your pocket – Solana is a smart contract blockchain that was created in March 2020. Since then, it has won over users with an acute attention to detail, vis-à-vis the user experience. Now, it wants to slip into the pocket of all users by launching its subsidiary Solana Mobile. Solana Saga: the … Read more

Ethereum Name Service (ENS): understand everything about the decentralized Web3 and blockchain platform

Ethereum Name Service ENS understand everything about the decentralized Web3

The Ethereum Naming Service, or ENS, is the equivalent of DNS for the blockchain, and for Web3. It is especially one of the most popular services on the Internet for a few weeks. On April 28, 2022, something unexpected happened in the world of NFTs: the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, the most prized collection … Read more

NFT, Web3 and cryptocurrencies: Lots of new projects on the horizon!

NFT Web3 and cryptocurrencies Lots of new projects on the

We are certainly seeing losses in the cryptocurrency and NFT market, but new projects continue to emerge in these sectors. Companies like SKNUPS and TGV4 Plus have recently raised funds to finance new Web3 projects. At the same time, celebrities such as Dorsey and Jay-Z are investing in initiatives to grow the cryptocurrency industry. Web3 … Read more

Blockchain, NFT, metaverse: what is “web3”, the new age of the internet?

A fashionable concept that agitates both the tech sphere and communicators, the “web3” is presented by its supporters as the new version of the internet, more decentralized and based on the “blockchain”, the technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “Seems to be more of a marketing phrase than reality at the moment.»however, criticized the boss of … Read more

Metaverse, Web3, NFT: What opportunities for fashion retailers?

Metaverse Web3 NFT What opportunities for fashion retailers

If the metaverse, the NFTs or the Web3 are part of this new vocabulary which puts the fashion industry under tension, the economic opportunities generated by the digital universe and the sustainability of this new model remain unanswered questions. The first Metaverse Fashion Week, which took place from March 24 to 27 on the Decentraland … Read more

Chevrolet enters Web3 with an NFT-exclusive green Corvette

Chevrolet enters Web3 with an NFT exclusive green Corvette

American car company Chevrolet has announced plans to auction a Corvette-themed NFT. The winner of the auction will not only be the holder of the NFT, they will also get the real sports car depicted. An exclusive partnership Chevrolet, a subsidiary of General Motors, has partnered with the NFT marketplace SuperRare to auction an absolutely … Read more

Web3, blockchain, virtual reality… 5 questions to find your way around

Since October 28, 2021 and renaming facebook to meta, the metaverse is on everyone’s lips. A concept with still porous borders, it is one of the elements of the ongoing technological and economic revolution. What is the metaverse? The metaverse (from English “metaverse”) is a term that first appeared in the writings of American author … Read more

What Happens After The Crypto Crash? Web3 Company Expects “Dark Days”

It gets darker just before dawn. Where is it? In the wake of the crypto crash, caution is in order on cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other “web3” products. But on Tuesday, a major company in the “web3” space released its first report on the state of crypto, a document that tries to put the industry in … Read more