69 NFTs for $1 Million: This Man Doesn’t Know Crypto Winter

1674170576 69 NFTs for 1 Million This Man Doesnt Know Crypto

Compulsive collector or brilliant investor? – Spend almost 1 million dollars in minutes to acquire several NFT seems exaggerated to you? This is not the opinion of NFT collectors rare. They’re hoarding these digital artworks in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And this, whatever the state of the market and despite the harsh remarks … Read more

Cryptoverse: Forget the crypto winter, it’s a ‘bloodbath’ for bitcoin.

Cryptoverse Forget the crypto winter its a bloodbath for bitcoin

The 45-year-old, who quit his real estate job a year ago to focus on trading, has seen his holdings evaporate in recent months. He hasn’t slept for a week because of the stress. “I had about 40 coins, then I went down to 20 coins, then 10 coins, then five coins and now I’m down … Read more

DeFi, metaverse, NFT… after the crypto winter, what is the state of the market?

1673916747 DeFi metaverse NFT after the crypto winter what is the

L’crypto winter seems to be gradually leaving the market. Who are the great survivors of this period of unprecedented crisis? The crypto winter has done more harm to cryptocurrencies than you think While the situation for cryptocurrencies seems to be improving sustainably, it’s time to take stock and rebuild for the industry. What is the … Read more

Arbitrum Launches Nitro, Vitalik Buterin Launches Book, Crypto Winter vs Bear Market – crypto watch

Arbitrum Launches Nitro Vitalik Buterin Launches Book Crypto Winter vs

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with mobile at the center of Art in Gaming. S3622 The volume of data on blockchains The volume of data on public blockchains is growing at an exponential rate. Developers and data … Read more

Faced with the crypto winter, Coinbase again lays off 20% of its staff

1673877326 Faced with the crypto winter Coinbase again lays off 20

To discharge – In 2022, Coinbase had to lay off nearly 18% of its employees when bear markets were in their infancy. The crypto winter is still not over, and the company still has to part with part of its workforce this year, to ensure its future. Bear Markets and Bankruptcies in the Crypto Industry: … Read more

Crypto winter will last “at least another year,” says crypto company founder who just laid off 40% of his workforce

Crypto winter will last at least another year says crypto

Source: AdobeStock / Alexey Octopus Network, a multi-chain cryptocurrency network based on the NEAR protocolhas laid off around 40% of its core team and cut the salaries of others due to the ongoing crypto winter. This cold snap the crypto market is going through won’t end for at least a year, said project founder Louis … Read more

Cryptocurrency mining, a real energy gulf, banned this winter in Europe?

Cryptocurrency mining a real energy gulf banned this winter in

Cryptocurrency miners could be without power this winter in Europe. The reason: their activity consumes too much energy. Cryptocurrencies, these virtual and decentralized currencies, whose course and history are studded with successes and setbacks, are on the rise. The proliferation of Bitcoin or Ethereum, among others, could however be slowed down this winter because of … Read more

Crypto winter is hurting Google’s ad empire – Reuters

Crypto winter is hurting Googles ad empire Reuters

A crash in cryptocurrency prices and the start of a new so-called “crypto winter” has left many companies in the industry facing a liquidity crunch. Arthur Widak | Nurphoto | Getty Images Not even Google is safe from the Crypto winter. During Alphabet’s third-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, Philipp Schindler, Google’s chief commercial officer, blamed … Read more

How to survive the cryptocurrency winter and the bear market? – Info Lakoom

How to survive the cryptocurrency winter and the bear market

The educational guide “How to Protect Crypto-Assets in a Bear Market” was created in collaboration with Caleb & Brown. Caleb & Brown is the world’s leading cryptocurrency broker. Receive notifications for the latest news, articles and more! Follow Something unique is happening in financial markets in general, much to the chagrin of investors of all … Read more

Crypto exchange WazirX lays off 40% of its staff amid crypto winter – Democrat Blog

Revolut receives crypto approval from regulator Cyprus to operate across

No less than 70 employees, or 40% of the stock exchange’s 150 employees, have reportedly been made redundant. New Delhi: Indian exchange WazirX has laid off 40% of its total workforce, the company said in a statement. The company said the layoffs were made to deal with the crypto market’s bearish week. She said her … Read more