Women In Web3 Paris wants to feminize blockchain and cryptos

Women In Web3 Paris wants to feminize blockchain and cryptos

Posted Oct 5, 2022, 7:00 AM Women in Blockchain, World of Women (NFT), Women of Web3, Les Hackeuses, La Mineuse… Empowerment initiatives for women in the Web3 universe, whether in France or abroad, are multiplying. The latest to date is the Parisian association WiW3, Women In Web3 (independent of its American big sister) which, in … Read more

The 6 women to absolutely follow in the new world of NFT

Two regulatory heavyweights join the ranks of Binance and FTX

Entrepreneurs, artists, activists: they show us the way forward towards a more committed and egalitarian Web3. Yam Karkai, founder of World of Women Empowerment through art. A pioneer, this artist co-founded World of Women (WoW) in 2021, a community doubled as a platform, which brings together more than 10,000 NFT works by women. Be, to … Read more

Empowerment and sorority: women are taking over NFTs

Empowerment and sorority women are taking over NFTs

Stars, artists and activists are entering the ultra-masculine market for digital works. The new parity challenge? “Do women have to get naked to enter the Met?” Asked the American women’s collective Guerrilla Girls thirty years ago, a provocative way of pointing out the under-representation of female artists in museums around the world. and notably at … Read more

Wirex Launches 2022 Rising Women In Crypto Power List In Partnership With The Cryptonomist

Wirex Launches 2022 Rising Women In Crypto Power List In

Part of Wirex’s Women in Crypto campaign to recognize women in the crypto industry Back for the third year in partnership with The Cryptonomist To recognize women with unique achievements, Wirex has introduced three additional awards Launching on the same day as the live event with six highly respected women in the crypto industry showcasing … Read more

Crypto Romance Scams: ‘Asian Women’ On Twitter Are Looking For Your ‘Crypto Wallets’

Crypto Romance Scams Asian Women On Twitter Are Looking For

Nikhil, 28 (name changed), a Pune-based crypto investor hopped on several dating apps but was unlucky. But one night this year, he received a message from a “beautiful woman” on Twitter, who claimed to be from Singapore. What followed was a better match than any dating site could offer. The duo discussed crypto, football, pizza … Read more

Is Anonymity In Crypto Creating New Avenues For Women In Finance? – CryptoMode – Tech Tribune France

Is Anonymity In Crypto Creating New Avenues For Women In

Women have always been under-represented in the financial field. There are many phrases that women will hear throughout their lives, however, one of the most common is the idea of ​​growing up and “marrying a rich husband”. He pushes the idea that women shouldn’t sue financial independence, and that men should be the ones who … Read more

Free Cryptos and NFTs in Abu Dhabi – Women invited to dabble in the web 3

Make way for ladies in web 3! – Abu Dhabi attracts major crypto players, like Binancethanks to regulatory efforts who want to create an environment conducive to the growth of the sector. A new initiative aiming to make the cryptosphere more inclusive is expected to contribute to the development of the crypto ecosystem in the … Read more

Build in the metaverse, Liminal, single wallet, Women x Crypto 2.0 – crypto watch

Build in the metaverse Liminal single wallet Women x Crypto

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with mobile at the center of Art in Gaming. S2222 Liminal, Single Wallet The startup built a first-of-its-kind wallet architecture focused on safe custody of digital assets, raised $4.7 million in its … Read more

“Fearless Girl”, the new symbol of women in cryptocurrency?

(ETX Daily Up) – The famous “Fearless Girl” statue, located in front of the New York Stock Exchange, will be transformed into NFT to promote the place of women in the cryptocurrency industry . A new initiative to attract women to this still predominantly male sector. Is the world of cryptocurrency too masculine? To combat … Read more