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Considering the evolution of new technology, for some time now, virtual trading cards have been experiencing extraordinary growth. The French start-up Sorare has succeeded in developing a concept at the crossroads between football, cryptocurrencies and NFT. To finance his game, Sorare managed an unprecedented fundraising of 680 million euros. Discover the essentials of the Sorare game.

Presentation of the game Sorare

The Sorare game was launched in 2019 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. It is a fantasy football game that uses blockchain technology based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. In this game, players regularly transact and manage their virtual teams using digital player cards.

Each week, the Sorare game organizes one or more football tournaments in several categories. In reality, the organization of these tournaments depends on the football matches scheduled in real life. Coaches compose teams of 5 football player cards before the start of the competition. The team must consist of:

  • Defender;
  • Midfielder ;
  • Goalie ;
  • Attacker;
  • Extra (any position except goalkeeper).

These teams formed by the managers are ordered taking into account the performance of the players in real matches. Teams therefore receive points and XP based on their performance. The cards are ranked according to 4 levels of rarity. The accumulation of XP and the level of rarity of a card increase its multiplier coefficient. This helps to get a better score. At the end of the tournament, the highest ranked managers will receive the best rewards. These are usually the rare cards that are granted to them on the platform twice a week.

You can consult the Ultra Sorare media to find out more about this game. The objective of this media is to make Sorare better known in the French-speaking world.

What role do cryptocurrency and NFT play in the game Sorare?

The virtual soccer game Sorare runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. This ensures security of ownership and facilitates card exchange. It is moreover this technology of the Ethereum network which makes it possible to have limited, non-modifiable, non-duplicable cards. To learn more about this new technology that has been in vogue for a few months, you can consult this guide to NFTs.

Each player card is represented as a non-fungible token. Indeed, still known as NFT, these tokens are authentic and unique digital collectibles. Basically, if you own a card from a player, there is only one original. This concept of rarity then creates possibilities for speculation on these cards.

The acquisition of NFT cards is then done according to an auction system accessible to all team managers. They can buy and sell their cards to other players on the platform. Obviously, the prices vary according to the supply of the demand and also according to the performance of the players. The Ethereum cryptocurrency also acts as an exchange currency to sell and buy cards on the platform. Consult more Gaming reviews if you are interested in Sorare game.

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ᑕ❶ᑐ All about Sorare, the game of Fantasy Football | PKFoot

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