20 Minutes launches “20 Mint”, a free magazine to decipher the Web 3

There are only two ways to read the title of this article. Raising his eyes to the sky: “The Web 3, the NFTs, the metaverse, we don’t care, don’t we? Or raising an eyebrow. “Web 3, already, it should be defined…” In short, as an expert who wonders what a mainstream media is doing on its land.

And yet, after writing Diary of an NFT last year, 20 minutes spear with Capsule Corp Labs 20 Minutes a magazine financed and co-piloted thanks to NFTs. A magazine that will be entirely devoted to the uses of Web 3, blockchain, NFTs, cryptos. We know it is early to do so, that the NFT don’t always get good pressthat the vast majority of our readership has other fish to fry.

Inform as many people as possible

But we also believe that we will all, in our personal and professional lives, be affected by the innovations associated with these technologies. Only entire sections of the law will have to adapt to these upheavals. That everyone must be able to express their point of view on the issue and that there is only one way to generate this public debate: by giving our fellow citizens enough information to form their own opinion.

Whether it concerns the environment, consumer protection, economic competitiveness, the issues raised by Web 3 go beyond the framework that we have often reserved for it: the crazy sums spent on works of art in NFT, the hypervolatility of certain cryptocurrencies, tweets from star entrepreneurs, a few scams with insane loot…

Decompartmentalize the subject

To go beyond 20 Minutes will multiply the reports, the portraits, the interviews. We will also try to highlight the major French players in this ecosystem, such as Coinhouse who supports us in this adventure, and others who will join us along the way.

Objective: to convince the greatest number of readers to take an interest in these subjects which are struggling to get out of their insider circle. To achieve this, we will use our site, our app and our social networks. But we will reserve the most important role for the paper newspaper: to reach those who have not yet requested it. No filter bubbles, no engine referencing… Indiscriminate hand-to-hand distribution in the largest French cities to reach as many people as possible.

There were only two ways to read this title and if you adopted the first, 20 Minutes is definitely for you. We will do everything to put our magazine in your hands and convince you that the subject deserves your attention. See you in a few weeks…

Join us !

And if you are from the second team? Give us a few more seconds! We need you today. You know how a blockchain works, you have bought your first tokens and, inevitably, you have noticed that it is not easy to interest your loved ones in Web 3 without going over the basics… Let’s do it together!

In the coming days, with our partner Capsule Corp Labs we will be listing 999 NFTs on Ethereum. Each of these NFTs will give its holder the power to sit on the virtual editorial board of 20 Mint, a discussion channel where the articles that make up the magazine will be put up for vote. From there we will build, block by block, a project in the spirit of Web 3.0. Join the adventure now on our twitter account and pass on the information. This is precisely the leitmotif of 20 Mint.

We would love to say thanks to the writer of this short article for this awesome material

20 Minutes launches “20 Mint”, a free magazine to decipher the Web 3

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